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Podcast 78: XLR8R Presents Circlesquare

Anyone not familiar with Berlin-based producer Klimek will be by the end of this mix. His track "True Enemies and False Friends," which appears on Kompakt Records' Pop Ambient 2009 compilation, is obviously a piece of music Jeremy Shaw (a.k.a. Circlesquare) has been caning recently. Shaw spliced the track into several excerpts, which he weaves through his exclusive, hour-long mix that, despite the aforementioned track, is not all mellowed-out drone-ambiance. Read more » 

Podcast 77: Odd Nosdam: Nofoolisnotaintready

No, that's not a typo in the header. It's just the phrase Odd Nosdam chose when naming this mix, and the 17 tracks here are equally as quirky and off-kilter. Berkeley, CA-based David P. Madson—who recently released the T.I.M.E. soundtrack, in which he scored 13 tracks to match the moves of 13 different skateboarders—curated a supremely mellow and incredibly eclectic mix for the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast. Read more » 

Podcast 76: Jahdan Blakkamoore Full Hundred Mixed by Matt Shadetek

Brooklyn-based Jahdan is a man currently smack in the center of our radar (and in the Artists to Watch section of our March issue). The MC—who got his start with the Boot Camp Clique—originally hooked up with Dutty Artz' Matt Shadetek on the track "Brooklyn Anthem," and since then, he's stayed in good company with both Shadetek and the label (co-owned by DJ/ rupture).


Podcast 75: XLR8R Presents Sabo

NY-based DJ/producer Sabo furnishes us with the next installment of the XLR8R podcast, and for anyone who didn't think Argentinean folk music and Big Daddy Kane could fit together, here's a mix that should refute that idea. Sabo—who manages the Turntable Lab NYC store and also runs his own Sol*Selectas label—gathers some unlikely cuts together and take us on a trip through house, dubstep, hop-hop, baile, and more, all in just over an hour. Photo by Pablo Sanchez.

XLR8R Presents Sabo

Podcast 74: XLR8R Presents Shadow Dancer

The last time XLR8R ran a podcast with this many tracks, we had to present the thing in two installments for the sake of not killing our readers’ computers with Titanic-size files. Not so here. Mancunian duo Shadow Dancer has managed to squeeze 42 tracks into 50 minutes, which means the entire mix is ready for download here and also well-tailored for music heads that have short attention spans.


Podcast 73: CYNE's Hip-Hop Experience

The music of CYNE (pronounced “sign,” and standing for "cultivating your new experience”) is all about hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics concerned with socio-political issues, and the group cites everyone from Nas and Public Enemy to J Dilla and DJ Premier as an influence (as seen on last year's Pretty Dark Things).


Podcast 72: Mary Anne Hobbs Live in S.F., January 29

When Mary Anne Hobbs agrees to make a DJ mix, one thing can be counted on—that said mix will be packed end-to-end with bangers in which the beats are dirty, the basslines earth-shattering, and the MCs spit lyrics faster than you can say "big ups!"

Such is the case on this live mix, which was recorded at last Thursday's West Coast Rocks event in San Francisco and coincidentally marks the first-ever podcast the Britain-based DJ, journalist, and Radio1 host has made.


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