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Review: Per Mikael Dungfakkadung

Label: G-Force

A bite of Gothenburg's eccentric spirit is emitted here with driving pandemonium and soulful keys reminiscent of classic Swedish techno. A hygienic and well-engineered stereo atmosphere can be heard here, with an arrogantly vibrant bassline sure to sink the hook. Flip for a Leandro Gamez remix, which adds a seamless peak-club accent. Read more » 

Review: Jamie Bissmire T.b.c. Ep

Label: Chancer

Space DJz associate Bissmire launches the first title for this concept label. Old-school East Coast-style acid loops chirp and bounce behind a high-pitched kick and a clap on four. With a floor-pummeling lead phased to perfection, this is surely a label to follow. Read more » 

Review: Marc Deon Free Fall Rmxs

Label: MDEX

San Francisco-based Marc Deon brings us a versatile EP with remixes by Chad Mitchell, Tapio Schnaars and Audiovoid. Audiovoid's remix brings a bumpin', tech-trance flavor to the track. Lindsey Green goes with a minimal approach, but I keep waiting for something to grab me about it. The tech-housey mix by Chad funks it out solidly, while Tapio works it into a deep, pretty groove with jazzy elements. Read more » 

Review: Bando Ritmo Domestico EP

Label: Primate

Spanish techno conquistador and Patchwork founder brings his fourth title for Primate. With advanced vocal loop tactics and a brilliantly demonstrative synth lead, this project well represents the emotion behind this funk-minded artist's style. For fans of Christian Varela and current Adam Beyer. Read more » 

Review: Henrik B Avalom

Label: Illgorhythm

There's no heavier kick drum than Henrik's (I thought mine was weighty but, just my luck, my 909 is broke). Avalon's two tracks are mystical, gothic screamers that evoke Viking battles and post-apocalyptic reconciliation. It's great to see grungy Scandinavian techno evolving back into songs with structure and drama. Read more » 

Review: Arcus P Status Enquiry

Label: Definition

Arcus eats dirt for breakfast, my friends. This fantastic three-tracker takes me back to the early Injection Records or Labworks days...hard and fast, yet not another loop record. Big drums and tons of grit. How could a peace-loving guy like me dig this? Because it helps me blow off steam from my frustration with the right-wing geopolitical conspiracy. Play these tracks while you protest the Middle East takeover. Read more » 

Review: Rey De Copas Frontera Del Ensueno (Ray Roc Rmxs)

Label: Slip 'n' Slide

Ray Roc uplifts this old-school Latin house classic with a nice wall-of-sound-approach. Thumping beats, shrill keys and understated bass buoy the vocals on the Black Latin Soul Remix, while the flip revisits the flamenco guitar-filled Jerez De La Frontera Mix, just to remind you how loping the original was. An intriguing artifact. Read more » 

Review: Adam Jay Configured for Damage

Label: Communique

Soaring across time, catching glimpses of human history, this EP aims to put the world-techno scene back in touch with its rebel roots. Jay (owner of Cro-Magnon and Azure Records) is one of very few quality Stateside techno producers these days. This one's dark and Teutonic. If you liked his Zync record, you'll dig this. Read more » 

Review: Copyright Feat. Lisa Millet Late at Night

Label: Soulfuric

UK production team Copyright teams up with the superb Lisa Millet for an action-packed track that can't fail to move you with its distinctive guitar and first-rate vocal. Read more » 

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