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Abstract Rude Rejuvenation

  • Words: Rob Geary
  • Label: Rhymesayers
  • XLR8R Rating: 8/10

Most artists would love to retire with Abstract Rude's resume: Good Life, Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, radical solo artist and bandleader, respected guest and influence in the L.A. underground scene and beyond. Yet Abstract is still questing, this time delivering a mellow, soulful set that allows his singsong baritone to spill out extended metaphors, in-jokes stuffed inside jokes, Louis Armstrong impressions, collected wisdom, and the occasional Lakers shout-out. Seattle's Vitamin D produces with an ear for scratchy funk guitars, low-ride tempos, and dusty drums that vibrate in tune with the grain of Abstract's signature voice. Seek out “Diggin' It?,” where party horns spur recollections of his “beat box battler” days.

1 comments Rejuvenation

Dear Abbey (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 05/13/2009 - 08:58

cool review - and yes - i ain't done yet sir, lol - more to come even!

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