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  • 03/25/2013

Adesse Untitled Love

Adesse popped up last year with Adesse Versions, an EP that placed old tunes by Theo Parrish, Richie Hawtin, and Nick Holder in bassy, dubstep-informed frameworks. This month, the producer dropped a sample-heavy original for Prime Numbers' PN17 sampler, which skewed more toward those producers' North American roots. This cross-pollination is nothing new, of course, and Adesse's tracks find easy company in the likes of Hessle Audio's catalog. The variety they have presented so far, however, makes Untitled Love, the artist's proper solo debut, a murky proposition.

As it turns out, the record is situated at the midpoint of the producer's interests. Adesse's knack for sampling abounds, something that is particularly highlighted on "Supernal," which aligns the telltale vocoded "ha" from Laurie Anderson's "O Superman" with stepping, off-kilter drums and buzzing bass. That song's synth crescendos are intact as well, dropped in at points for melodramatic accent. "Metachemistry" blends foggy horns, woody bass, and emphatic hand drums—a recipe for so much deep house—with a purring, propulsive groove. The title track, meanwhile, focuses on a garage rhythm while echo-chambered vocal snatches float on top. As on "Metachemistry," stock genre elements are interspersed—there are tightly woven organ stabs, fluttering chords, and a restlessly funky bassline. Throughout the record, Adesse exudes spatial awareness, as each part is crisply dialed in and primed for dancefloor effectiveness. But it's unclear what the artist represents exactly, as the record drifts between ultra-recognizable sampling and genre facsimile.

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