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Review: Puente Latino Takes U There Remixes

Label: Primevil

After a short sabbatical, this top tribal imprint returns with a powerful release engineered by some of the genre's pinnacle talent. Originally released as the label's third title, this reworking proves quite effective, as Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull add funky percussion to an already solid dancefloor jam. Read more » 

Review: Tony Senghore The Music EP

Label: F4

San Diego's fledgling F4 imprint offers its second platter, letting your boy Senghore set the tone for summer. A vocal sample from cool ruler Gregory Isaacs floats over chunky beats, bright key chords and lovely, unobtusive strings in anticipation of a nicely twisted breakdown. Sunscreen on, hands up. Read more » 

Review: Filter Science Darkness Falls (Joey Beltram Rmx)

Label: STX

How does Beltram keep a half-bar loop so exciting throughout the entire remix? Now that's an art. This one-sided pink vinyl release is disco to the max that's friendly to both house and techno fans with its skilful filtering and pitch shifts. Read more » 

Review: Dylan Drazen & Tim Xavier Heavy Flow

Label: Blueline

Chicago's leader in profuse audio assaults materializes this round with an EP charged with lustful dreamscape techno. Set for the floor of a poorly lit dance dwelling, the textures here complement the complexity of the US techno sound. An enchantingly vibrant mix-down; this duo oozes audio cleanliness. Read more » 

Review: PTY LTD Who's Been Watching You

Label: Gallery

Three of house music's finest producers pool their efforts for this second release on the Gallery imprint. On the main side, Derrick Carter knocks out a freaky, complex blend of beats and vocal samples which breaks briefly for a ray of pure sunshine before dipping back into darkness. JT Donaldson and Tim Shumaker work it on the flip with a smooth blend of piano, shuffling beats and Moog-like chords for all the lovers out there. Read more » 

Review: Butch Kassidy Sound System Brothers & Sisters

Label: Parisonic

The monsieurs of Parisonic license and remix this gorgeous dub stepper from the Red Hook label. Black Ltd. riff off the intro's '60s-concert-environment footage before thumping into a disco-ey jam with relentless bass and subtle wah guitar. Rufuss retain the authentic dubwise feeling in their uptempo treatment. Dangerous, this one. Read more » 

Review: Alexi Delano & Robert Manos Round and Round Remixed

Label: Statra

Statra round up a dream trio of post-house remixers to have a crack at Delano & Manos's sleeper vocal jam from last summer. Metro Area give it their subtle Reagan-era synth tinge, while JT Donaldson stays in classic territory with a new bassline. It's Webster who takes the tune to understated yet narcotic heights, subsuming the rhythm in a dusky electronic atmosphere. State of the art. Read more » 

Review: Jon Cutler Feat. Luna Alone

Label: Distant Records

Jon comes through again with another fine production, which features a very souful hypnotic vibe with all the right elements. Luna's vocals are laid back but inspirational. The single's also got some good DJ tools: a bonus beat, a capella and sound fx track. Read more » 

Review: Inaya Day vs. D-Squared Save Me

Label: Look At You

Look At You drops another bomb, a soulful gospel venture for the peak hour of a set, and a very powerful vocal performance from Inaya. The two mixes here compliment the lyrics and melody nicely. The original vocal mix is a bit deeper, while the Indeep remix is stronger overall. Read more » 

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