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Review: Friction Lightspeed

Label: CIA

Scene leader DJ Friction brings a tune that wastes no time in getting down to business with a huge, chest-thumping b-line after an intro of rugged drums and spooky atmospherics. Also look for releases on Friction and Skinny's new Transparent label. Read more » 

Review: Skynet Logan's Run

Label: Skynet Recordings

Scheduled as the second release for Skynet's new imprint, this tune finds the man on a roll. This one intros with a haunting bleep melody before dropping into an ass-moving tech bassline with some nice cymbal work. A very tidy roller for those that like their funk from the future. Read more » 

Review: Chris Leibing Weather EP

Label: Clau

Vigorously taunting and aggressively hypnotic, this percussive workout expresses the power of well-modulated filter envelope generators. Leibing teaches an advanced lesson in subtractive synthesis as precise, sweltering analog drums drive you deeper within. Read more » 

Review: Jacek Sienkiewicz Narrative

Label: Recognition

Warsaw tech vet Sienkiewicz beautifully balances the esoteric, minimalist sound-design angle with an ear for what will bang on the floor, as shown by these four tight tracks on his label. Kid's got no problem adding sharp claps or party-ish chords to his skeletal framework-lucky for us. Read more » 

Review: Greg Gow Progressions EP

Label: Restructured

On this label's seventh title, head honcho Gow teams with fellow Canadian Mateo Murphy. The 'verbed-out lead synth increasingly ascends upward for an effective 4AM delight. Fans of Jeff Mills take note as this Tresor affiliate unlocks a heavily effected modern adventure. Read more » 

Review: DJ Misjah Inca Trail EP

Label: Jericho

This proven acid-techno maven throws down yet another 303-crafted, funk-driven event. While insistent strings roar an emotional yet cynical melody, bouts of spacious pounding push the tech-house flavor ahead. With one peak-filler and two additional breakbeat tracks, the diversity here will burn floors worldwide. Read more » 

Review: DJ Rush Heart and Soul EP

Label: Pro-Jex

Four hard and playful party bits from Chicago-born techno vet Rush. Amongst off-kilter synth stabs, bangin' bass, rumbling beats and jazzy sass, Rush plays alien on one track and advisor to the guys on another, and knows when to go instrumental. A style that recalls the genre's innocent days. Read more » 

Review: Dan Corco & Fred Carrreira Ethnic EP

Label: Rotation

This French duo engineers a polyrhythmic slice of conga-derived programming for Dave Angel's imprint. Emphasizing the peak-time melody, an equally inspirational and fearsome bassline cuts through the floor ahead. Though surely adequate as a stand-alone performance, this is best used for subtle genre transitions. Read more » 

Review: Mike Parker Highway Oil EP

Label: Integrated Recordings

Mike Parker takes us on a deep journey into the dark recesses of minimal techno land. These three tracks challenge the mind while still provoking the booty to shake, with intelligently layered bleeps and blips over a calm-yet-driving bassline and polyrhythmic shimmy. Read more » 

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