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Review: Xerodefx Earth Existence

Label: Tekmind

On the third release from upstart Miami electro imprint Tekmind, your boy Xerodefx gives you some of that classic-style boom. "Diverse Life" smears tweaky high-register melody lines and apocalyptic chanting over the machine-beats, and that slight acid feel on the synth-centered "Elektronik Interior" gets a nicely distorted re-rub. Trust Miami every time-the future keeps beepin' at you from the beach. Read more » 

Review: Erick Morillo Subliminal Sesssions 5

Label: Subliminal

On the fifth installment of this label's mix series, Subliminal owner Morillo pulls out some old-school business and mixes it up with some new stuff. Read more » 

Review: Panjaabi MC Beware

Label: Sequence

On his recent update of Panjabi MCs global hit "Beware of The Boys," Jay-Z raps that he wants the world to "leave Iraq alone" and drops verses that rhyme with "snake charmer" in a fervor of ethnographic conflation. Elsewhere in the hip-pop world, Timbaland writes another track prominently featuring some seriously steppin' tabla work. Read more » 

Review: The Beat Kids Open Rhythm System

Label: 7 Heads-Uncle Junior

Not quite on par with Djinji Brown's Afrobeat-chic Surround Sound, The Beat Kids's Open Rhythm is a ponderous venture into Blacktronic Never-Neverland, where left-handed, techy production collides with syncopated drums. Read more » 

Review: Teebeee Life Continue

Label: Photek

Norway's Torgeir Byrnes finally achieves what must have been his long-held ambition to record for Rupert Parkes's imprint. Both cuts shiver under the golem-like gaze of ghostly vocals, with Teutonic beats keeping the brutal basslines of the title track in line before the flip, "Tech G," throws electronic blips and bleeps into the path of an oncoming percussive freight train. Read more » 

Review: Todd Buckler Pillowtalk

Label: Columns of Knowledge

New Englander Buckler throws down the gauntlet with a couple of burners. The title track surrounds a mournful cello melody with chunky "Bambaataa"-esque beats before crunching into three-chord punk 'n' bass land. A more sinewy mood pervades the flip's Amen-heavy "Cold," although the meat of the tune offers some distractingly fuzzy production. Read more » 

Review: Nick Forte Pasted Pakes

Label: Schematic

Nick Fort? of Kranky's Christmas Decorations makes his debut on Schematic with a recycling project of sorts, in which he subjects a number of his early computer music experiments to a radical bit of slice 'n' dice. The results are a mixed bag. The EP begins with a fairly straightforward and enjoyable song, a lurching bit of chopped-up funk called "Green Language," but subsequent tracks seem to lose cohesion, splintering and disintegrating into confusion. Apparently, Fort? Read more » 

Review: Apparat Koax

Label: Bpitch Control

My friend Apparat, the co-owner of Shitkatapult Records (alongside everyone's darling T.Raumschmiere), presents this 12" on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label that combines the dancefloor with his more ambient style. The three versions include an Ellen Allien remix and a very nice fourth track called "Fuse," with Ellen on vocals. Read more » 

Review: Mogwai happy Songs For Happy People

Label: Matador

Mogwai returns with a fourth album that exchanges its trademark post-rock traversals between so loud and so soft for a sweeter, subtler sound without dropping any intensity. It's an enormous close-up of a heartbeat: for all of its steadiness, the secret thump and pump of blood through Mogwai's innermost chambers nevertheless fascinates with each swell. "Killing All the Flies" expands in a molten aortic flow, heavy and thick with ephemeral, glowing heat; and "Ratts of the Capital" explodes in a furious, full-body guitar flush. Wrap your arms around Mogwai's chest and press your ear close. Read more » 

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