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All Teeth and Knuckles Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With

  • Words: Dave Segal
  • Label: Pish Posh
  • XLR8R Rating: 7.5/10

San Francisco's Patric Fallon and drum & bass DJ UFO! have created the ultimate meta-hipster-dance album of the '00s (not that there's much competition, but still...). More self-aware and snarky than Chromeo, All Teeth and Knuckles seemingly have set the contents of their blogs and text messages to concise, catchy electro-pop tracks that'll have you nonchalantly shaking your bedhead. If ATAK's sneering, mock-braggadocious lyrics aren't spoofing the whole designer-ball cap/all-over-print-hoodie-centric club scene, I'll eat Spank Rock's hijab collection. They claim to rep "the real San Francisco," and their attention to detail suggests ATAK ain't bluffin'. Club Hits essentially is a documentary of metro nightlife circa now. Pop-cult historians, take note.

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