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Review: Galt Macdermot Up From the Basement: Unreleased Tracks Vols. 1 & 2

Label: Kilmarnock

The composer of songs such as "Let the Sunshine In" from the musical Hair, MacDermot has finally released these recordings from the late '60s and early '70s which compromise a precious time-capsule from our funkiest era. While composing soundtracks and working as a studio musician with legendary jazz-funk drummer Bernard Purdie, he continually performed with amazing bands, and occasionally released the results himself. These are exactly the kind of grooves that have caused everybody from Pete Rock to Buckwild to sample his music. Good sweet soul cooking. Read more » 

Review: Vincent D.Moo EP

Label: Parallel Recordings

The first track on the b-side, "d.moo (2nd edition)," is a modernized glitch beatbox mix reminiscent of Kraftwerk's "Boing Boom Tschak," with some trippy piggy-snorting noises and a super-cool bounce. On the flip is the "more funky version" of "d.moo" and a chunky and bass-heavy "Bartending." Makes ya wanna do a little jig! Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Satamile

Label: Satamile

The grinding acid assemblage of the best cuts from NYC's biggest electro label on this their retrospective comp, is speckled with unreleased goodies and tracks from as far back as '96. Prepare yourself for heavy, bass-driven electro. This ain't no minimal experimental album. Even breaks-heads will love tracks like Scape One's "Android Robotics," while Decal's "From The Inside" can do some serious dance floor damage. An emotional ride with EMS's "Take My Time" takes the edge off of the overall acid feel of this album. Remember your squatting days in that abandoned industrial site? Read more » 

Review: Triple Threat Many Styles

Label: Fat Beats

The holy trinity of West Coast turntablism forms like Voltron and drops its first LP of original material. From the first track-Shortkut's bragadocious cut and paste introduction-you know you're in for something special. After releasing mixed CDs individually, the Triple Threat crew-Shortkut, Apollo and Vinroc-come together for an album that showcases all their talents. Read more » 

Review: McMillan & Tab Rollin Thunder

Label: In-flight Entertainment

That's right'n-Flight's back by the power of the man like Danny Mac. This sampler from the new In-Flight Sessions 02 comp features two from ol' Dan and his partner Adam McEvoy. The title track is a juggernaut: a bass-heavy rumbler with string stabs. The flip's "Momentary Reason" spreads out a bit more in its tech-funky way. Breaks both big and bad-ass. Read more » 

Review: D'Malicious The Dark Tradition EP

Label: Wave

Swedish producer Mikael Nordgren blends the raw energy of early '90s Detroit techno with the soulful shimmer of Stockholm house, making "The Dark Tradition EP" an extremely versatile mixing tool indeed. Read more » 

Review: Systemwide Live at the Festival International De Jazz De Montreal

Label: BSI

Studio experimentation and roots reggae don't always make a tasteful melange, but Systemwide manages to straddle the line between live music and mixing board. The band's leisurely instrumentals and geist resonances are an anodyne for any dub-head weary of cocktail hour downtempo and club-style fluff. In Live at the Festival International de Jazz Montreal Systemwide re-captures the populist spirit of dub with "Burning Dub," a languorous adaptation of The Wailer's "Burning and Looting," and "Ripe Up," a paean to marijuana. Read more » 

Review: Fireclap Begin Without End

Label: Emmoworks

Southern Cali represents on the indie side with panache yet again. Rhymers LMNO, Zaire Black and June 22 coolly ride a bad-ass jazz-funk riddim by DJ Westafa. Spacious lines, no garble, no emo indulgence, just Emmoworks smoothness. "The beginning/of what is to be endless," whines the scratched phrase. We hope so. Read more » 

Review: DJ Cam Soulshine

Label: Koch

Soulshine is Cam's reflection on US r&b and soul (there's even a tribute to Aaliyah), a side-step from his previous hip-hop-centric approach and hard-hitting jazz cutups. More grounded than his Loa Project trilogy, Cam uses a slew of guest players and vocalists to good effect here, centered around minimal, laidback grooves. The DJ Premier remix of "Voodoo Child" makes this all the more evident-it's the oldest cut here, and is much more in your face than the sophisticated r&b rubric motivating the bulk of the album. Read more » 

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