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Review: G-Squad Dance

Label: Muzica

G-Squad continue their innovation. With its churning chords, chiming atmospheres, sweet soul vocal sample, rolling rhythm and overwhelming tumbler of a bassline, "Dance" is a prime example of an energetically Zen d&b dancefloor arrangement. And watch for the flip's vertically designed, almost pogo-ready "Bonnie & Clyde," loaded with nifty electronic effects and a well-reverbed tympani drum on the one. Bam! Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Watch How the People Them Dancing-Unity Sounds from the London Dancehall, 1986-1989

Label: Honest Jon's

Everything gone computerized!

Review: DJ Killer This Is

Label: Functional Breaks

Ever feel like your breaks collection is about to become moldy and disintegrate because all your tracks have started to sound exactly alike? Spain's DJ Killer has some fresh produce for you. "This Is" and the flip's "I Want Your Love" bend today's formula while injecting some breaks and synths from the mid-'90s for a refreshingly different sound. Expect raw bass and long, drawn-out storytelling. This is dance music for your head as well as for your bottom. Read more » 

Review: Dino Felipe Econo EP

Label: Schematic

Dino will make all you "straight boys" wet! You might as well feather him down with a palm leaf. On this 12", Dino is making his version of rave music. Crusty noise over classic techno after a bass ball beat loop from the year 1952, crashes a melodic piano then collides into a wall of angel dust. After Xanax, conversation and sex comes Dino. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists The Diet Strychnine Sampler

Label: Diet Strychnine

Diet Strychnine is California's poisonous answer to UK breaks labels like TCR and Bochit. These guys deal in well-produced tech-house, electro and dubby breaks without a feeble beat to be found, all tempered by a good amount of bass-fueled funk. Tracks by PJ Stroller, The New Humans, bioFlava and Psylent are potent weapons for DJs looking for dancefloor bombs. A personal favorite: "Green Light Dread Bounce," Oakland-based Deep Fat Fried's tribute to late-'90s techstep that invokes the spirit of the great Johnny L. Read more » 

Review: ObaFunke Bush Workout (The Locksmith, The Bullfighter and the Stenographer Mix)

Label: Karma Giraffe

Comrade ObaFunke releases the critically acclaimed song from the debut LP. "Bush Workout" in its original form is an 18-minute Afrotech workout of future voodoo. This mix, however, takes us on a journey into sonic wonderland. Remixed by Jacksonville's Kilroy and Rilners, this epic has turned into a movie soundtrack. Breaking the song into 3 parts of musical mahem for headphone fanatics......fans of Bjork and Stereolab will love it !!! Read more » 

Review: Blueprint The Wight Room

Label: Weightless

Columbus, Ohio emcee/producer goes to bat for himself with his debut solo release The Weight Room featuring his production and a host of guest emcees. Best known for his Soul Position EP with RJD2 and his opening slot on Atmosphere's last tour, Blueprint has a solid presence in the underground. His highly enunciated, verging-on overly-dramatic rhyme style complements his slow and operatic production beautifully, and the outcome is dope. But all the guests make the album less of a cohesive project than it could have been with Blueprint on beats and rhymes. Read more » 

Review: Swimmingpool Anything That Doesn't Move

Label: Combination

Centered on the concept of each artist pouring their ideas into one "pool," Michael Scheibenreiter (one-half of d&b duo Phoneheads) and Stefan Schwander (a.k.a. techno/house minimalist Antonelli electr.) team up in the studio to create anything but a simple fusion of drum & bass and minimal house/techno. Laying somewhere between peaceful contemplation and raw fuel for the dancefloor, the Swimmingpool project is one of subtle evolutions and surreal deconstruction. Read more » 

Review: MC Skibadee Man-A-Man (Dee Kline Mix)

Label: Rat Records

Big tune alert! Drum & bass star MC Skibadee calls in remix duties from breakbeat garage don DJ Dee Kline on his outstanding debut 12-inch "Man-A-Man." This is a razor-sharp full vocal, rollin', bass-heavy, breakbeat throbber. Perfect if you love your breaks dark and nasty. Read more » 

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