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Review: DJ Scud Ambush

Label: Rephlex

Breakbeat completists of the world, rejoice!

Review: Various Artists Juke Joint

Label: Stereo Deluxe

Carefully thought out and seamlessly programmed, Juke Joint is a musical map of Boozoo Bajou's influences. All the artists featured here have something in common-a tangible love and burning passion for the sounds they create. "Ordinary Joe" by Terry Callier takes full-of-life dancing keys, muted brass and a magical organic guitar to produce a deeply touching serenade. Bazoo Bajou's own "Second To None" is a supremely tender expression of emotion, its fascinating keys and bewitching organ steal the show. Read more » 

Review: The Last Poets This is Madness

Label: Light in the Attic

Before hip-hop's gestation in the boroughs of New York, The Last Poets fused bongo beats and spoken word, building fervor for people whose voices were/are muzzled in popular culture. After releasing their first album in 1970, the poets garnered "griot" status, and began collaborating with the Black Panthers. Their dithyrambic verses prefigured the gritty, firebrand raps of KRS-One and Public Enemy. Laced with such classics as "Gashman," "When the Revolution Comes," and "This is Madness," new two-CD box set will appeal to armchair poetry buffs and rabble-rousers alike. Read more » 

Review: J Boogie's Dubtronic Science Try me

Label: Om

Bay Area don Justin Boland previews his upcoming album, lacing some thumping beats, muted trumpet, buzzy flute and whooshing keys with the dolce vocals of Goapele and suave rhymes of Capital A. Old-school devotees People Under the Stairs's tight and summery hip-hop remix and King Kooba's moist 'n' dubby take round things out. But hold up-our Boogie knows the value of a bonus cut, and delivers with Gina Rene and Crown City Rockers MC Rashaan on the smooth ladies-hop of "Get The Party Started." Too sweet. Read more » 

Review: Massive Attack 100th Window

Label: Virgin

Back in the 1990s, a new Massive Attack album was an event. Now, the release of 100th Window feels more like a cool cocktail party. A lot has changed: founding member Mushroom is long gone, and the husky-voiced Daddy Gee is on sabbatical, leaving 3D (Robert Del Naja-the white guy) in charge. Read more » 

Review: Daniel Bell Presents The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back

Label: Logistic

As DBX, Daniel Bell was responsible for a slew of techno classics, most notably, "Losing Control"-released in '94 and still played to this day. The Detroit-based Bell has not just got by on his reputation and zip code since, though: he's released on Elevate and Intuit-Solar, as well as his own understated, but highly-rated, 7th City label. This is the second in the Button-Down mix series, and builds on the reputation of the (Tresor-released) first-with a near-perfect track selection that encompasses only the most forward-thinking of Europe and the United States' house/techno producers. Read more » 

Review: Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher

Label: Warp

As legions of promising record producers know, the only thing more difficult than releasing a critically acclaimed debut is following it up. Dilute yourself and lose the headz. Stray too far and confuse the lot. On his follow-up to the peerless Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives, Atlanta's Scott Herren does neither-not that he worries about it. Read more » 

Review: Architex Feat. Ayah Dance Child

Label: Signal

Architex come on with some nicely soulful shit. The title track features Ayah singin' 'bout the music in an arrangement that's equal parts Roni Size and West London broken beat, while the flip's "Funk Odyssey" builds jump-up style on the horn riff that opened Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome." For your sheer boogie enjoyment. Read more » 

Review: Freeform Freeform Condensed (Finest Filets 1995-2002)

Label: Nonplace

An odd concept: Nonplace Records owner and renowned producer Burnt Friedman edits and "re-edits" select tracks from British IDM maestro Simon Pyke's vast back catalog. Seems like someone of Pyke's lofty stature wouldn't want anyone-no matter how accomplished-to mess with what are already unique specimens of complex, otherworldly aural architecture. That said, Friedman has definitely punched up and brightened Freeform's somewhat arid, intellectual constructions, so the decision to release Condensed on vinyl makes sense in light of this upgrade. Read more » 

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