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AWOL One The War of Art

  • Words: Esta
  • Label: Cornerstone RAS

Tony Martin (a.k.a. AWOL One) is a staple in L.A. hip-hop culture. Part of the influential Shape Shifters crew, he brings together a top-breed collective of producers (J-Zone, Grouch of Living Legends, DJ Rhettmatic) and MCs (KRS-One, 2Mex, Eyedea of Rhymesayers) to create a flow of quality rhymes over quality beats. It isn‘t a surprise, with AWOL One's track record, that this veteran hip-hop soldier is decorated as an "overlooked rap phenomenon," a statement clearly addressed in the single "Get By." Overlooked or not, The War of Art is an undeniable battle cry that Awolrus ain‘t going nowhere.

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