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Bisc1 When Electric Night Falls

  • Words: Scott Thill
  • Label: Embedded
  • XLR8R Rating: 7/10

New York's Bisc1 may still spell out his name in his rhymes, but he's not exactly old-school. His debut effort for Embedded boasts dystopian funk built of synthetic sonics, as well as some stellar scratches. But, from flanged bass to handclaps, you'll be hard pressed to find a live instrument on the thing. Yet the host's gifted lyricism makes up for what his impassionate delivery cannot bring to the proceedings, which is a sense of urgency. Atmospheric tracks like "Turbulence" and angular bouncers like "Parallels" take you to some gritty places, even if the ride feels too smooth. "Chill for a second/You're now cruising with Bisc," he says often in "Night Falls." Dude, I'm chilled. Now, what was it you were trying to warn me about?

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