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Review: Various Artists Creepy Remixes

Label: Volta

Creepy, a gothic-minded indie hip-hop-soul tune by a group called Emaculate D'ception, gets three diverse San Francisco re-rubs. Drum & bass stars Westside Chemical and UFO! bring a slow, well-constructed ether-beat mix; de Giere gives it a funky digital shredding; and Drunkin Unkelz swing expert Wu-Tang-ish paranoia-hop. A very promising debut from the Volta Read more » 

Review: Various Artists The ObliqSound Remixes

Label: ObliqSound

ObliqSound's got this patently predictable thing going on-collecting erstwhile world music or adult contemporary/jazz artists together on a single label under the premise of crafting a no "genres" vibe-and it's mildly interesting. Only mildly more interesting is this soup-sandwich remix project based on The ObliqSound Sampler, where Chris Brann of Ananda Project and Wamdue Kids fame, Grand Central funk popsters Riton, and less-notable names put their tweak on the original material (Aw Heath, don't you think at least Wai Wan's afrofuturist mix of Flugelschlag passes muster?-Ed). Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Fear001ep

Label: The Fear

On the A-side fo this first from Dublin's Fear label, Deasy presents "Haul," all sweet synth tones and shifting machine rhythms touching a bit on Squarepusher territory. On the flip, Droid + Slug's quietly spastic and quick "Polyp" gets a slightly Kraftwerkian funk remix by the DJ duo Ambulance. Very promising stuff. Read more » 

Review: Outlaw Breaks Feat. Gemma Fox & Sweetie Irie Dutty

Label: Left

One of the best of the current crop of ragga chat tunes. A hyper-catchy tweak-bass melody underpins sweet scat from new talent Gemma Fox and vocal stabs from stalwart Sweetie Irie. "You say we're heavy/you say we're rough and tough but dem nah ready," sings Fox. No shit. Dutty beats + dutty bass = 100% dutty dancing. Read more » 

Review: Cyborg 1 Shockwave

Label: Invader

Only need a guess or two as to Cyborg's identity, but this slab isn't anything to die for. Although it features nicely organic beats, the A-side's a touch redundant. And while the flip's "Roughneck" twinges some nerves with its ragga sample and its varied keys, its similarly a bit tracky. Useful, probably, though not decapitating. Read more » 

Review: Gareth Oxby Timewarp

Label: Poodle

Ooooh. A thumping couple of numbers here from half of the UK's rollicking Tribalation. The simple and irresistible formula: start by fusing tough, organic percussion with understated synth and bass tones. Slide in dub-evoking vocal sample (title cut) or outlandish laser effects (the flip's "Vacuum Dub") and stand back as the floor sweats. Read more » 

Review: Pieter K Rapport

Label: Offshore

Pieter K's already displayed his talent at complex drumwork, but he dabbles further into melody on "Rapport"-experimental, deep headphone business with a melancholic feel. The flipside's "Nexus" is like Drexciya gone d&b, all bubbling underwater electro bleeps, crunchy glitch sounds and hairpin turns. Read more » 

Review: Referenced For Your Safety

Label: Pork

My introduction to "Pork and the Future Sound of Hull" was at a house party in LA. Somewhere between those quaint coastal towns, the label happened upon Bloomington'ndiana and the music of Referencered. For Your Safety takes downtempo formulas and gives them a vigorous shake. Hauntingly beautiful at times, disorienting and goofy at others, the album coaxes smiles either way. Even the song titles ("Electronic Beats Made Easy") get to poke fun. Even "Tribute to the PSS-140" (named after an old Yamaha keyboard) wears this lo-fi aesthetic on its sleeve. Read more » 

Review: Nick Holder Rockers Delight

Label: DNH Records

Nick should have called this "Bootlegger's Delight." Side A is Barry Brown's "Step It Up" reworked for the DJ. Flip over to a dancefloor version of Linval Thompson's "Rock Me." Great for a house-to-dub transition. Read more » 

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