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  • 10/08/2013

Borai "Last Time Out"

Bristol's Borai (a.k.a. Boris English) was October's shadowy partner for years, contributing something intangible to the pair's records on Apple Pips, Never Learnt, and BRSTL. On a solo tip, though, it seems he's found a home in Little White Earbuds founder Steve Mizek's Tasteful Nudes/Argot stable. Those labels can seem like a US-based Running Back or Live At Robert Johnson, as they're focused on what might be termed "pure DJ" tracks, with seemingly every release containing an assured floor-filler or two. "Moonlight on the Malago," Borai's prior record for Tasteful Nudes, moved with a boisterous, garagey flex. "Last Time Out" is no less resounding, but it has less swing and is more focused on big-room aesthetics.

The title track opens with some punchy kicks and hi-hats that sound like coins being shaken before a rumbling bassline, brash open hi-hats, wispy effects trails, and, most prominently, high-drama piano stabs take over. "Last Time Out" comes on strong, but it's a testament to Borai's prowess that it never feels disordered, or too over the top. The motorway-themed "Midnight Run," meanwhile, is indebted to vintage Carl Craig, as its rattling rhythm is underlined by a croaking bass motif and soaring pads (and, as revealed toward the end, what appears to be a sample of a revving engine). It's also more melodic than its predecessor, with its crystalline tones lending it a slightly mysterious air. In just two tracks, Borai covers both the peak of the party and the winding drive after.

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