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Review: Broadcast Pendulum

Label: Warp

UK avant-pop quintet Broadcast releases a peek at their most realized album to date. "Pendulum" and the sublime "Still Feels like Tears" are all sweet motorik propulsion. The spazzy analog jazz of "One Hour Empire" and "Violent Playground" recall vintage Sound Library rarities, and closer "Minus Two" sounds like Oval deconstructing the group's live jams. Read more » 

Review: Larry Heard Space Jungle

Label: Track Mode

Twenty years on, Mr. Fingers remains on track. The title track here is slowed-down, understated and freaky, alive with quirky synths and tabla beats. The flip's "D?j? Vu" runs similarly opaque, with effects on the vocals that enhance the generally ambiguous atmosphere. The man's still innovating in this young'un's game in middle age-we tip our hats. Read more » 

Review: Tajai The Dum-Dum

Label: Hieroglyphics

Two of Oakland's Souls of Mischief go monster-mashin'. Tajai lays down some of that intense," forward-lookin make-it-happen-rappin'" over A-Plus's hot, Chinese violin-tinged beat on the title track, then over Skitzo's stressed, almost technofied rhythm on the flip's "Who Got It?" With an album on tap, Taj throws down the gauntlet inna hardcore style. Read more » 

Review: Novo Tempo & Koichi Ozaki Novo Teempo Meets Eurasian Suite

Label: Eurasian Suite

Tokyo Latin-jazz band Novo Tempo sandwich Eurasian Suite boss Ozaki's jaunty, piano-based bossa instrumental with the gentle, flute- and vocal-imbued "bossa of Kagaribi," and the contemplative jazz-hop of "Moss." One of many releases that evinces a generally delicate-and Latin-oriented-Japanese take on '00 nu-jazz. Read more » 

Review: John Tejada & Arian Leviste Fanfare Sake

Label: Playhouse

This may be the first Tejada release to bear both its creators' names (Tejada and Leviste have been musical partners for eons), but it's not indicative of any substantial stylistic change. Fanfare Sake is prime Tejada techno-punchy beats with a finely measured dose of house funk-if a bit updated for the Playhouse crew. The lead-off track, "Faux Obsolete," is representative of Fanfare Sake's remarkable style-warm, yet staccato synth chords and hefty basslines that carry the song forward, all wrapped in a pristinely echoed mixdown. Read more » 

Review: Various MTV Mono

Label: Tru Thoughts

This is the product of Quantic soundtracking an extreme sports TV series on a network better known for their love of money-digging majors and eye candy popstrels than cutting-edge Brighton beats. This unlikely, but nonetheless welcomed marriage has brought us one selection of lazy downtempo grooves and another of swaggering b-boy breaks and funked-up soulful flavors. Al Stylus contributes "High Rise," an upward looking collage of soothing strumming, splashing percussion and dazzling keys. Read more » 

Review: Taishan The Shake-Off

Label: Resin

The Resin label returns to TaiShan for their next release. The man behind "Low Blow" comes back with more booty shakin' business and betrays his obvious old-school electro influences on this, yet another riotous rump bumpin' reveller! No-nonsense female hip-hop samples sit effortlessly alongside analog synth stabs and masterly scratching to prove that TaiShan ain't no flash in the pan! Read more » 

Review: Saj Supreme The Won

Label: ABB

The skilled Saj Supreme busts out, announcing that he's on a one-way mission to get your "casket closed." "The Won" highlights both his impressive, brazen flow and his DJ Mick Boogie's tight cuts, but Moss's unfortunately trebly production leaves the side sounding thin and shrill. Thankfully, Moss gets more spare on the flip's more martial "Bump Da Gunz," and though the gun-cock sample's a lil' tired, it comes off well-crafted. Read more » 

Review: Kananga Booty Breaks

Label: Play Breaks

The Play label launches its breaks imprint with a couple tunes by a guy who earlier this year well thumped up Mikey Gallagher's house track "What Does It Mean." The b-side wins on this, because although the weirdly titled a-side's got epic nu-breaks nuances galore, "Inner Feeling"'s boomin' bass, insightful vocal samples and emotive breakdown take the cake. Thick. Read more » 

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