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Review: Asphalt Jungle Electro Ave.

Label: ROIR

As Asphalt Jungle, New York partners Brian Tarquin and Chris Ingram follow nicely in a long line of electronic duo dynamics. The propulsive mood of Electro Ave. won't surprise anyone familiar with the Crystal Method, Cirrus, Apollo 440, Hard Knox, Prodigy and the like. Breaks steamroll, gathering grit, while keyboards twitter and guitar tones that would garner Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix's approval scream towards the stratosphere. Read more » 

Review: Tech Itch Destiny

Label: Penetration

Your man Mark Caro brings on the sixth installment for his Tech Itch sister label, and it's a big, bad one. The title track comprises a dark, well-produced, sci-fi roller with broad bass, scritchy keys and a good amount of acid bleep. The flip, "Contaminate," shifts rhythms like there's no tomorrow, offering a compelling challenge to the d&b formula. Ace. Read more » 

Review: Andy Votel All Ten Fingers

Label: Twisted Nerve-XL

With fingers in design, production, label management, DJing and a whole bunch of other pies, Twisted Nerve honcho Votel has to have every single one at his wanton disposal. With such a busy lifestyle, it's no surprise that it's taken him so long to muster up his first full-length album. The result is as a 15-track album that borrows as much from his label's love of lo-fi acts as it does from their love of electronic noise-smiths like Mum and Dad or Sirconical. Read more » 

Review: Percy X On A Day

Label: Soma

You want '80s, go for it. But do it right, as Scottish hero Percy does here with some sophisticated next-retro techno. With their subtle melody lines and pumping rhythms, his two versions of "On a Day" quietly raise the bar on instrumental synth-shuffle, while the accompanying tune, "Dark N Sharp," is more pulsing, updated fare. Read more » 

Review: Boom Bap Project The Trade Remix

Label: Stuck

You may remember back in early 2001 when MCs Karim and Destro Destructo and DJ Tre dropped their debut single as Boom Bap Project, "The Trade," with "Writers Guild" on the flip. That 12", along with their "Circumstance Dictates EP," had the indie hip-hop world wide open and reaching out to the Pacific Northwest, a region dominated by BBP's extended family, the Oldominion crew. Since then, these top-rankers have been touring and playing with damn near everybody (short list includes Wu Tang, Jurassic 5, Public Enemy, and Blackalicious) and getting more exposure than the Pam and Tommy Lee video. Read more » 

Review: Danny C. Feat. Philly B Big Batty Girl

Label: Aim

You can't go wrong with cuts about butts! Dancehall/garage fusion label Aim delivers it righteously rough on this 12", presenting a searing 4/4 mix that maxes out the bass, slices up the vocal and skitters the snares for ultimate excitement. Three more mixes-a saucy Bashment vox lick, a stripped-down dub and a "Girly" version-ensure the most for your money. Read more » 

Review: Scanner Spray

Label: zer0gsounds

With his phone-tapping days safely behind him, Robin Rimbaud keeps exploring implicitly intimate paths in abstract post-techno, as on this EP for this nascent Florida label. The title track's blend of whispery rhythms, percussive tones and ominous, buzzy effects bounces nicely against the sensual ambient tech of the flipside's "Bette" and the elastic, dubby meanderings of "Lambertia." Quality stuff. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Joe Gibbs & the Professionals: NO BONES FOR THE DOGS

Label: Pressure Sounds

Wow. There seems to be no end to buried Jamaican treasures. This latest "discovery" from Pressure Sounds is a nicely put-together selection of hard-to-find dub sides from Joe Gibbs's early productions. The 18 tracks on No Bones feature some of Jamaica's best session talent, including guitarist Fully Fullwood, riddim twins Sly and Robbie, drummer Horsemouth Wallace, guitarists Tony Chin and Bingy Bunny, and The Skatalites' sax man Tommy McCook, with Gibbs adding his trademark forcefield sound effects and studio cohort Errol Thompson's brilliant engineering. Read more » 

Review: CZR Release (Joey Beltram Remix)

Label: STX

When I listened to this record I thought to myself, "Man, Joey snapped!" On the flipside to the super original by top Chicago producer CZR, Beltram goes ballistic with a track full of explosive driving bass and piercing stabs. Read more » 

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