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Review: Ice Breaker International & Manual Into Forever

Label: Morr Music

Evermore synonymous with the term "nice," Morr Music inaugurates a new series of collaborations with one of their established artists and one-time collaborators. Into Forever sees glacial post-rocker and NYC conceptual artist Alexander Perls (Icebreaker International) soak his Morr veteran and beat loving comrade's melodic IDM-referencing excursions in shimmering vats of carefully evolving, intricately layered guitar treatments. Read more » 

Review: Bigshot Eq

Label: Uptown Records

Eight-bar fans tune in to "EQ," full of droning bassline goodness, "frequency" samples, and someone sawing away on an eerily high-pitched violin; for some reason, it's vaguely reminiscent of "War in '94." Flip for jamming 4/4s mixed up with almost '60s-esque organ sounds on the pounding "A Little Different." Haunted house vibes. Read more » 

Review: Fertile Ground Remixed

Label: Counterpoint

Earning plaudits from London's soul jazz cognoscenti, this Baltimore group's infectious use of Afro-Caribbean rhythms has made them a favorite of those on a syncopated slant, evidenced here by their remixers. Kaidi Tatham turns in an ambitious, tempo-dividing version of "Spiritual War," maintaining careful d?tente with Navasha Daya's vocals. Her powerful voice does get the best of Ayro on "The Moment," however, especially in comparison to Seiji's shuffling funk version. Read more » 

Review: Dash Dude Regular Pleasures EP

Label: Morris Audio

Dash Dude brings us some tracky vocals, deep groves and glitch house jams with this EP. Though I don't speak any French''m definitely doing some really funky moves, like the French woman tells me to do on "A Hard Day's Night," which-along with "Assugreen"-is dancey as all get-out. On the flip we have two more gems: "Similarly Different" is a tweaky, glitchy microhouse piece, while "Do You like Lemons..." is on the deeper tip. Perlon and Playhouse fans should check this EP out for sure. Read more » 

Review: Stranger & Captain Deliscious The 84.000 EP

Label: Electrogusto Music

Dub-house progenitor Ben Cook teams up with Corey Black for Electrogusto's first foray. And the results are tip-top. "The 84.000" is a delight of stripped-down dance mayhem that shows you where Chicken Lips might have learned a few things. Read more » 

Review: Soussol Take Control Mas

Label: Real Estate

Dare anyone try to improve on a house classic like JM Silk's foundational 1987 track "Let the Music Take Control"? In his Soussol guise, Chicago's Richard Gow does indeed, weaving piano and flute extracts from the original into his rich, dub-tinged version, which Brit producer Chris Simmonds augments with a tighter rub. And although satisfactory, the flip's jazz-housey "Backwards Motion" doesn't quite measure up to the dancefloor power of the a-side. Read more » 

Review: Various Latin Soul Fusion Volume 2

Label: Clubstar

Daniel Klein, boss of the Mallorca-based Flamingo Discos imprint, was an obvious choice to handpick the best in house-styled Latino grooves. Klein has put together a selection which stands out for its musicality and tangible live instrumentation. Solid Groove Productions' "Keep It There" holds things in the right place, courtesy of spiraling strings, a preoccupied harmonica and a dazzling sax. Axwell remixes Elements of Soul's "Head Above Water" into a sub-aqua gem, where buoyant keys act as a float for hopeful strings and submerged vocals that question the partner's commitment. Read more » 

Review: Bad Company Egyptian

Label: Greensleeves

Dancehall continues its Diwali-like trend away from stabbing two-beat jump up towards more fluid syncopation with the shuffling snake-charming sexiness of the Egyptian riddim, while Bad Company keeps it ruffneck via metallic two-beat stabs and wobbly, jittery horns. Read more » 

Review: Family Tree Virgo Iomos Marad Each 1 Teach 1

Label: All Natural

Chicago's All Natural label continues to realize its dreams. Accompanying the uplifting Family Tree album track "Push, Move Build" is DJ Spinna's opaque remix of "Virgo" (featuring MCs Mr. Greenweedz and the effervescent Rita J.), and the huge previously unreleased battle track "Regardless," featuring Prime and Daily Plannet, with hot cuts by Madd Crates. Meanwhile, MC Iomos Marad offers three tracks of primo now-school conscious rhymes off his new album, Deep Rooted, highlighted by "Appetite to Write" featuring J Live. Quite simply, this is the real hip-hop. " Read more » 

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