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Chris Joss Teraphonic Overdubs

  • Words: Stacy Meyn
  • Label: ESL Music
  • XLR8R Rating: 8/10

For those moments when you just have to sport a wide-lapelled, caramel-leather jacket, fringed bellbottoms, and stacked platforms, French producer Chris Joss has the requisite soundtrack. Lalo Schifrin-loving Joss leans on both the psyche-funky De Wolfe Music Library of the ’60s and ’70s and black cinema’s wokka-chikka sounds on his fourth full-length release. Yet he’s not merely a harvester–despite nearly losing his right arm in 2006, he’s responsible for all of the disc’s instruments, live and otherwise. Strains of organ, wah-wah guitar, flute, and faux sitar burble about Joss’ cheesy strings and punched-in background vocals. More atypical is Joss’ penchant for unusual time signatures, modded out with the occasional harpsichord or marimba. While Teraphonic Overdubs gears up in spots, you’ll be riding on a mostly mellow grooveline.

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