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Cline/Giffoni/Licht/Ranaldo Nothing Makes Any Sense

If you know the guitarists Nels Cline, Lee Ranaldo, and Alan Licht at all, or are familiar with analog tweaker Carlos Giffoni, then you already know they played a show in NYC and birthed this experimental exercise in axe drone. Nearly an hour of sonic exploration, Nothing Makes Any Sense might make those who don't like post-everything or guitars want to destroy the speakers with jackhammers, but they'd be in good company with Ranaldo, Cline, et. al. These esteemed sound-fuckers from the orbit of Sonic Youth, Wilco, and others are cool with deconstruction: They know it's just construction in reverse. Their zero-track orchestral opus is filled with static storms, dialed-in feedback, and amps that sound as though they might turn into super-massive black holes at any moment. For experienced travelers only.

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