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Review: Various Artists Cortex Volume 2

Label: Follow Me

Ummm... elevator with an edge?

Review: Gemma Fox Messy

Label: white

Up 'n' coming vocalist Gemma Fox delivers it in r&b rude gal fashion, with a more-shrill-than-Ms.-Dynamite flow over rough, bassline biz that coils around the words. The catchy hook-"So messy, so damn messy!"-will stick in your ears for days. Don't fight it, just buy it! Read more » 

Review: Freescha Whats Come Inside of You

Label: Attacknine

What a title. Nick Huntington and Michael McGroarty are either the mack-daddies of downtempo IDM or the most sexually-frustrated among the laptop crowd, because there's no getting around just how sexy, bubbly and narcotic their third Freescha LP really is. Whats leaves behind the operatic melancholia of Freescha's first two albums, opting instead for the mesmerizing carnival funk of "Watcha Gonna Go For It?" and the synth-driven post-disco smarm on "Smurf Shoo," plus lots of genre-crossing ground in between. Cotton candy panties for your ears. Read more » 

Review: Break Reform Fractures

Label: Abstract Blue

This trio from London has combined the heart-stopping realism of Nana Vorperian's vocals, sparse hip-hop orientated beats, and a fondness for jazzed-out, keyed flavors to produce an honest portrait of modern urban life. The sincerity of Nana's vocals can be related to as easily as a friend's real-life woes. "Fractures" captures the anguish of a love lost perfectly, courtesy of sighing strings, a vibraphone that feigns happiness and captivating vocals. "Medusa Pts 1 & 2" sees frustrated beats, tear-shaped keys and a weaving flute combine alongside Nana's distraught vocals. Read more » 

Review: Phil Parnell Runaway

Label: Mantis

This is the house section, so we shan't mention Phil's obtuse, microscopically minimal original mix, nor shall we mention the particle-shifting precision of Bugge Wesseltoft's mix. Rather, we'll skip to Mantis's own "Filmix." Here, the Mantis owners run wild with wanton breaks, At-Jazzy chords and great vocals courtesy of Liz Fletcher. As always, Mantis make a mockery of modern music and in so doing make us all very happy. Read more » 

Review: Watchers To the Rooftops

Label: Gern Blandsten

This is some seriously dramatic art-funk that channels what was most interesting about the Talking Heads' canonical Remain in Light. Read more » 

Review: Various Idol Tryouts

Label: Ghostly International

There's a myth out there about how techno in Detroit is dead. One could choose to believe that, depending on the parameters. But, with a little bit more latitude in definition and geography, things have never been better. Case in point: this compilation from Ann Arbor's Ghostly International. Idol Tryouts spans a healthy mix, from the artistry of Matthew Dear and Osborne's house to the computer-aided rock of Midwest Product. Read more » 

Review: !!! Me and Guliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story)

Label: Touch and Go

This eight-piece Gang of Explanation Marks knows exactly where to take that stomach-churning urge for self-aware, No-Wave-tinged, Caucasoid post-punk-funk-to the motherfuckin' bridge, y'all! Long, intriguing jams both, "Me..." and the flipside's eye-rollingly named Sunracapellectroshit Mix of "Intensifieder" comprise a refreshingly groovy flame put to nu-synth-pop's oversprayed hairdo. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists High Tide Punkt14-6

Label: Punkt Music

The subliminal whispers on this EP's first track, "Kai Koh," leave you awash in a sea of pliping and wahbing bass, and producers Christian Bei Read more » 

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