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Review: J Mage Crazy Heart

Label: Listen Labs

San Francisco keyboardist Jeremy Mage lines up some formidable local talent to bust on some jazzmatic uptempo breakbeat jams. The solid rocks here are drummers Eric Garland, Valentino Pellizzer-Selgado and Marivaldo Dos Santos, who provide the backbone for some cool, seriously horny dubwise arrangements. Read more » 

Review: Julian Marley Systems

Label: Ghetto Youths International

An exceptionally well produced composition. Julian delivers a strong message song complemented by a perfectly rootsy rhythm track. This is a crucial cut that I recommend you look out for. Read more » 

Review: Phase Selector Sound The Sound of Tblclths

Label: Lush

Very adventurous/avantgarde-type dubwise tracks. As the dub sound system movement forwards in America, releases such as this one show that this country contains some authentic talent and originality. Read more » 

Review: Blaze Feat. Amira I Think of You

Label: Slip 'n' Slide

This is what I'm talkin' about. Jersey house legends hand over their 4/4 downtempo soul spotlight with la chanteuse Amira to Phil Asher's Restless Soul project for a funky quiet-storm remix, and Sweden's Redtop for a fierce '80s-soul rub. Magic. When will these guys finally be huge in the US? Read more » 

Review: Quantic Off the Beaten Track (Carmel Rmx)

Label: Tru Thoughts

Holy doody!! The main man that has remixed too many gets some of his own treatment. Forget about giving up cigarettes, this will make you start (again), period. Carmel from Budapest keeps you guessing with his hard beats and cut-up samples. Literally a floor-filler...watch them. Read more » 

Review: Bakura Reach the Sky

Label: Especial

Three years on, broken beat is an established genre with club nights around the world relying on a supply of singles, like this sublime new Domu collaboration with Robert Marin. Bakura's tracks create tension by stripping down the mix: only the necessary computerized bass, vintage synths and twitchy beats fill in these galactic samba bogles. Well forward. Read more » 

Review: Benga & Skream The Judgement

Label: Big Apple Records

This Croydon teenage duo justifies the underground hype about their warped basslines, as they unleash a growling, stuttering monster that laces an Omen-style choir over some conga-pounding tech-garage tribalism. Guilty as charged! Read more » 

Review: Contax Hitlist

Label: Nerve Breaks

Hip-hop accents galore-electro cowbells and keyboard chords, hardcore vocal lines, etc.-enhance the big bassline and varied rhythms of this one, which gets a sleeker, darker remix by Paul Reset. A big, bad jam from this Glasgow label. Read more » 

Review: Benny B Presents The Biz Satisfaction

Label: Energy Production

F*ck me, probably the strongest house/acid thing I've heard in years, with more filters than you can shake a stick at. The Mac vocal might put this in that pseudo Francophile/electro/jazz stream, but even the hardest hip-hop heads will be climbing the walls by the end. Read more » 

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