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Das Bierbeben Das Bierbeben

This Hamburg/Berlin band often refreshingly intersects ’80s German new wave, Krautrock, and techno on their eponymous record. The album picks up its momentum once Das Bierbeben settles into the neon-lit, electro groove of “Wie Ein Vogel.” Other highs include the gliding synth riffs and light guitar shadings of “Delirium” and the Ladytron-meets-Stereolab pop of “Abschied.” However, Das Bierbeben sometimes falls into the common indie-rock trap of being too derivative of their influences, as “Wehr Dich Doch” resembles a vintage jaunt by U.K. post-punks Wire, if Colin Newman shüng in German. Also to be avoided is the irritatingly bratty dirge “Behind the Green Door.”

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