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Datach'I Mmale and Ffemale

Joseph Fraioli (Datach'i) was rarely mentioned in past zine articles about "digital-punk." Strange, since his '99 debut [Rec + Play] embodied that tag with flesh and blood. Kid606 and half of the Tigerbeat6 posse often seem to be chasing after that record's trash-compacted IDM beats and Kool-Aid-drunk Nintendo melodies. With MMale and FFemale, Fraioli has matured, deftly composing analog drones and phantasmagoric choirs that haunt a Martian cathedral. The trademark Datach'i beats that chomp your woofers and tweeters are also in effect. Too bad this entire album could be mistaken for an Aphex Twin remix of Squarepusher's Music is Rotten One Note.

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