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Demdike Stare Symbiosis

Miles Whittaker has been a bewitchingly busy fella of late, releasing warehouse techno under his MLZ moniker, playing dubby doubles with Gary Howell in Pendle Coven and Andy Stott in the cheeky Millie & Andrea, and now teaming up with Sean Canty in the earthy, neo-pagan Demdike Stare. Spread too thin on the dark side, you say? Not by a long shot. "Suspicious Drone" gets the (witches') ball rolling rudely with an effects-treated gong and sustained subsonic bass tremors, "Haxan Dub" is a slo-mo 2-step march, and "Jannisary" samples world-beat strings and riddims to come up with something deliciously otherworldly. Sneaky, sinister, and sick in all the right ways.

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