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Review: Nottz Presents DMP Don't Wanna Give That Up

Label: Teamsta

This track could just as easily go by the alternate title "I Used to Love H.E.R.B." Yet another joint joint, with Mary Jane personified as the love that can't be forsaken. The samples and chorus are Jay Z-esque, with fairly clever metaphors and on-point delivery. Inhale. Read more » 

Review: DJ Eli Feat. Kadiatou Warriors

Label: Fruitmeat

This NYC Afrobeat/house hybrid from famed radio DJ Bobbito Garcia's new imprint should have Gilles Peterson drooling for months and Joe Claussell hammering it at every gig. Imagine Femi Kuti and Herbie Hancock collaborating with Blaze's Kevin Hedge and you're close to "Warriors"'s spiritual, rhythmic deepness. Thank Kadiatou for her vocal restraint, which matches the song's introspective tone. Tune in. Read more » 

Review: COH Mort Aux Vaches

Label: Staalplaat

This latest installment in Staalplaat's Mort Aux Vaches series of live recordings spotlights the prodigious talents of Ivan Pavlov a.k.a. COH. Pavlov is one of the lesser-known members of Berlin's Raster-Noton collective and undoubtedly the most intriguingly idiosyncratic. The set here captures much of the wonder of COH (pronounced "son," meaning "sleep" in Russian): the primal buzzing electronics, bursts of static and hiss and crackling percussion. Read more » 

Review: Benny Ill & Hatcha Highland Spring

Label: Tempa

This heavyweight Horsepower vs. Big Apple soundclash results in a four-track EP that (aside from the title track) also features the pure vibes of "Crazy Intro", the depth-charge porno 4beat of "Poison" and the cinematic "Stand Clear." But watch especially for "Highland Spring" as it drifts out of South London to India, China and back to the Scottish mountains in vibe. Intrigued? Read more » 

Review: Louie Vega & Jay "Sinister" Sealee Feat. Julie McKnight Diamond Life

Label: Distance Music

This double 12" sees Master at Work Vega and King of Tomorrow Sealee lace their original jazzy disco tune with four solid remixes, three of which maintain the soulful, if airy, tone. But an alternate eerie bassline snuck into one of them becomes the centerpiece for the brilliantly freaked "Old School Dub," which is worth your cashola alone. New York/New Jersey madness. Read more » 

Review: Red Army Salty Dub/Hush

Label: Phuturo

The Santa Cruz-based Red Army trio continues their roll with another pair of killers aimed straight at the dancefloor. Centered on a bone-crushing b-line and skanking beats, the aptly titled "Salty Dub" busts things open proper before "Hush" rockets straight into technoid thriller territory. Read more » 

Review: People Under the Stairs Acid Raindrops

Label: Om

This cut wouldn't sound out of place on The Low-End Theory. It's got that warm and funky but slightly melancholy vibe to it, like the last people at a house party drunkenly spouting wistful philosophies. The rapping's not flashy, but sits snugly in the pocket. On the B-side, "Hang Loose Part 2" is OK, but doesn't live up to the first "Hang Loose;" "Montego Slay" brings an appealing midtempo groove. PUTS aren't that blow-your-mind group, and that's why they succeed. They prove that doing the basics doesn't make them everyday People. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Tigersushi Presents: More God Dammed Music

Label: Tigersushi

The premise for Tigersushi's More G.D.M 12-inch series is fairly straightforward. Put a hard-to-find old-school, disco-punk or arthouse "classic" from the late '70s/early '80s (i.e. Gina X, Material, Cluster, Silver Apples, Chapter Three) on one side. On the other, put a corresponding song that shows the influence the aforementioned artist has had on contemporary producers (i.e. Metro Area, Maurice Fulton, Alice Machine, John Tejada). Read more » 

Review: Dillinja Live or Die

Label: Valve

The flipside's "South Manz," with its "bassline roller to shake the venue" sample and scary, high-pitched melody, is my favorite here, as Dillinja delivers a more rolled-out track that's still heavy on the bass & drum. "Live or Die" is classic Karl-an Amen rinse-out with plenty of guts 'n' glory. Bashy! Read more » 

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