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Review: Son of the Dope Computer Starve For This

Label: Bless

Texas breakbeat imprint Bless unleashes a lovely collab between Lone Star boy Son of the Electric Ghost and San Francisco's Kemek the Dope Computer. The title track is a buzzy and bold tech-dystopia affair that remains funky by keeping the bass bouncy rather than UK-style-goopy. The flip's midtempo "Deeper" keeps the soul intact while injecting more understated FX. US breaks on the rise. Read more » 

Review: Metamatics Rewiredinmymanor

Label: Hydrogen Dukebox

The first in a three part series of remix projects for Lee Norris, who-as an advocate of eschewing normal industry routes-puts his money where his mouth is and lets unknown artists remix his work. Meeting these artists through the internet, Lee sent them elements of his unreleased track "Pod," and they have supplied their versions. The new talents, including Bauri, Verbose, Yasume and Sleepy Town Manufacture, have all stayed pretty faithful to Lee's unmistakably warm, Detroitian sounds and melodically experimental electronica. Read more » 

Review: Juju The Barrio Funk EP

Label: Phuturo

Taking it up a notch for the label's tenth release, Juju drops a monstrous double-pack that captures his vision perfectly. From the steady-pumping "Vampiros" to the Fabio-inspired "Far Away," Juju touches on all corners of his sound. "Silencio" takes it down that dark, growling road before the thugged-out remix of Red Army's "Salty Dub" proves to be the perfect knockout punch. Read more » 

Review: Russ Gabriel Into the Unknown

Label: Out of the Loop

Techno veteran Russ Gabriel (who directed his Ferox label for eight years) has been venturing into the nu-jazz world for some time now, most notably with recent singles on the consistent Out of the Loop imprint, which offers up this superb change of direction. Much like contemporary Ian O'Brien, Gabriel explores jazz-fusion in a dance context soaked in live instrumentation, as on tracks like "Patience," a garage burner with syncopated percussion, steady horns and Corinna Joseph's Beth Gibbons-esque croon. Read more » 

Review: Supremeex Koyaanisqatsi

Label: Arrakis

SupremeEx, the producer behind 2000's impressive "Projecto: 2501" EP, now comes with an interesting and well-developed 7-inch. The A-side, "640 Caravans Making Right Turns, " (no, I don't get the title either) is the sleepier of the two, though the underlying thumping drums keep it from getting stale. The flip, "Angelic Groove," continues the A-side's loop-stacking theme, but colors the atmosphere more than creates nifty polyrhythms. Nice. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Seasonal Greetings

Label: Mobile

So what does a seasonal compilation sound like coming from a place where the winter holidays aren't garish displays of commercialism? Read more » 

Review: Subthunk Just a Few Notes Before You Go

Label: Ureneely

Say it a few times. "Subthunk." Roll it around a little; try stretching out one of the syllables. "Suuuuubthunk." Make it sound like a food, or make it more onomatopoeic, like an upended bowl of spaghetti hitting the floor. It's a great name, at once sensual and evocative while completely lacking actual meaning. Subthunk is a quartet comprised of curiously fictional-sounding fellows like Ant and Pharaoh, who make hyperactive keyboard-led instrumentals with drums and guitar synth making guest appearances and a nasty, slappy funk bass under everything. Read more » 

Review: Sarah Peebles Insect Groove

Label: Cycling '74

Sarah Peebles conflates the naturally pristine with the artificially destructive in an experimental album of unsettling beauty. Insect Grooves utilizes the innovative Cycling '74 Max patches to create real-time loop-based performances featuring East Asian instrumentation and samples of flora, fauna and mechanical whirs. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Multiplex: Mixt

Label: Senton

Remix compilations can be like pro sports, with the field crowded with wannabe superstars all trying to outdo each other and win a big contract in the process. Mixt, a collection of remixes of the duo Multiplex, deftly dodges the showmanship problem by handing a superb group of remixers an equally superb set of tracks and letting them run wild, so that everyone scores big. Russian duo EU fashion a gorgeous version of "Neuteq," with buzzes and hums hanging suspended, and a rhythmic dripping effect wandering around catching the beat. Read more » 

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