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Review: Fries & Bridges Inside Out

Label: Nightshift

Weeks & Moralez team up to create one side filled with heavy walkin' bass 'pon some crisp beats that is strickly for the dance. Other side, "It's Your Space Master," is deeper but just as moving. Read more » 

Review: Vikter Duplaix International Affairs

Label: Hollywood

Vikter Duplaix is one of those guys who has no problem attracting the ladies. A self-admitted "playboy type of guy" who maintains a positive, yet sensitive, outlook on life, Duplaix lays all of his emotions out on the table-think a modern-day Barry White with a much higher voice á la Prince-in his solo debut album International Affairs. Epitomizing the term "buttery smooth," the Philly-bred producer/vocalist/DJ (he's worked with King Britt, Jazzanova, Erykah Badu and many others) has crafted an album that just drips of sex. Read more » 

Review: Baron Meet the Creeper

Label: CIA

Two snarky, futurist jump-up tracks from Oxford upstart Baron. "Meet the Creeper" pounds like a meat cleaver, with sassy hi-hats and cartoon noises that keep the insistent beat from becoming dull. Acid rave bleeps and bloops take center stage in "Hell Billy," which sounds like an out-of-control Atari game. Mentalist fast-forward breaks for the old-skool speaker-freaker in you. Read more » 

Review: Gabin Gabin

Label: Astralwerks

Upon initial listens, the Italian duo Gabin's eponymous debut comes off like an Italian assimilation of French live-jazz/Latin-house group St. Germain, with a bit of the sprightly Parisian music of the '40s (think the Amelie soundtrack) thrown in. And for the first half, that assessment rings true. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions 4

Label: Guidance

True, everybody and their Jamaican great-aunt has a dub album nowadays. But no matter how fiery your blood, you can't front on Guidance's ability to select cuts that progress more like an expert DJ set than just a bunch of licensed tracks. Read more » 

Review: Tom & Joyce Tom & Joyce

Label: Yellow

Tom Naim and his cousin Joyce are French practicioners of all things samba. Their goose pimple-inducing Brazilian-house hit "Vai Minha Tristeza" set the world alight, and this debut long player shows what else they have to offer. Enlisting the help of numerous musicians, Tom & Joyce have created a selection of beautiful organic-electronic compositions. "Un Regard, Un Sorire" has the percussion of the slow dance of two lovers, as a guitar tingles and a bass joins the dots. Read more » 

Review: Mutron Hsart EP

Label: Dekathalon

Tokyo-based machine-man Mutron tosses around three twisty, catchy tributes to sci-fi trash culture. These lo-fi beat meanderings-from the anthemic Dr. Who damage of "Rotten Zipangu" to the theremin freak-out of "Foolish Dance" and the chiming '80s-era robotic repetition of "Dotism"-outline less a style than an imposed retro-futurism. Read more » 

Review: Thomas Fehlman Visions of Blah

Label: Kompakt

Thomas Fehlman-collaborator with The Orb, Sun Electric and other seminal ambient artists-has never gained much notice for his own work, but the excellent (and ironically named) Visions of Blah should nudge him a little closer to notoriety. At first glance, Visions sounds like a step backwards into the Kompakt catalog: the circusy-stomp of "Streets of Blah" sounds much like the triplet techno Mike Ink was turning out a decade ago. But with the punchier "Superbock" and "Rotenfaden" Visions's forward scope becomes clear. Read more » 

Review: Dukes of Sluca Tournament EP

Label: Joia

This tech-edged plate from Stockholm, Sweden brings on some good, feverish party grooves. Old-school hip-hop vocal samples collide with funky synthwork on the churning "Don't Stop," while a nicely filtered upper-register synth anchors the urgently spacey "Steam Machine." Ignore the corny, mid-'80s electro-disco of "Always Searching" and you'll be in business. Read more » 

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