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Edie Sedgwick Things Are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer

Justin Moyer’s transgender antics as Edie Sedgwick are enjoyable bursts of DIY post-punk—for about two songs. Although Moyer’s art-punk pedigree is beyond reproach (El Guapo, Supersystem, Antelope), his solo work is basically a one-note affair. Things Are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer is essentially a collection of cleverly titled songs—most are named after celebrities or movies—that all sound the same. Take one part bass riff, one part drum machine, and a healthy dose of Moyer’s nasally vocals and you’ve got an Edie Sedgwick tune. It’s telling that even though album closer “Edie Sedgwick II” sounds like a forgotten blip from ’90s alt-rock radio, the fact that it varies from Moyer’s standard recipe makes it the most refreshing thing on the album.

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