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El-P Collecting The Kid

In an effort to tide us over until the release of his next full-length, El-P throws us a bone with this mish-mash of unreleased tracks. The mostly instrumental collection seems a little hastily thrown together, but contains plenty of the heavy beats and moody themes that are El's trademark. Two rapper-less tracks stand out: a revamped "Leaving This Place" from Mr. Lif's album is fully realized, and a discarded Cannibal Ox track called "Feel Like A Ghost" is a dreamy and soulful slice of minimalism. Elsewhere, El-P dabbles in sexy electro ("Constellation Remix"), jazz ("Intrigue in The House of India"), and psych-rock ("Oxycontin" featuring Camu Tao). But while Collecting the Kid may satiate some fans, it's no replacement for his next master work.

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