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Ezekiel Honig Scattered Practices

  • Words: Dave Segal
  • Label: Microcosm Music-Kompakt

At his best on Scattered Practices, Ezekiel Honig meshes elements of IDM's rhythmic twitchiness and textures with dub's immersive atmospheres, while creating melodies that probe emotional depths. But Practices' innate niceness makes engagement with this introverted music difficult. The most interesting track, "Going Sailing Refrain 2," rides a deliberate, Wolfgang Voigt-like techno rhythm and is embellished with torqued clicks and a bizarrely warped choir, seemingly recorded in a well. Elsewhere, the disc recalls Junior Boys' melancholy electro-pop without the mopey vocals, or Boards of Canada without the magical glaze of nostalgia for an unknown past.

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