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Fanny Pack So Stylistic

A stroll through Brooklyn these days belies its reputation as a hotbed for furious creativity as Fabolous's 50-cent commercial rap is about all anyone hears. But even in the bleakest of moments, the blast hits from unexpected angles, threatening to shake up the tedium and conjure up a new Brooklyn. Fanny Pack charmingly replaces gun talk with fun talk, bling with boom. Three girls rap in clear, unassuming Brooklyn-speak about life on the block as big- booty electro bounce straight from the old-skool South backs them up. Tunes like the hilarious "Cameltoe" and the self-reflexive "Hey Mami" delight in raw, carefree verses while "Things" takes a familiar melody and runs through all the things a Brooklyn girl loves. Three girls and two guys combine to form a mighty local representation that's as loose as it is unpolished, as new as it is retro, and as welcome as it is brilliant.

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