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Flowriders Starcraft

You‘ll have to go back to 4hero's 1999 release Two Pages (Talkin' Loud) to find a debut as exciting as this. Started by Hartog Eyesman and Vincent Helbers as a computer-based project, Flowriders has grown into a 10-piece band. Cutting 2 Banks of 4's modal moodiness with Bugz in the Attic's crossover aspirations, they bring on funk jams like Soul Searchin'," stripped-down, hook-driven singles like "Pheromone," and blue-eyed soul joints like "Roots Go Deep." Starcraft covers a lot of stylistic territory-and risks losing the plot as it tackles R&B, broken beat, and even flirts with drum & bass-but Flowriders' tight instrumental interplay largely keeps it all together. At 73 minutes long, a few of the lesser tracks (like the meandering "Into Darkness") could've been left out, but this is an impressive start.

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