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Review: Freddie Foxx A.K.A. Bumpy Knuckles Konexxion

Label: BBE-Rapster

On "Konexion," the self-proclaimed "Rakim with muscles" lets you know that he's hip-hop and you're not. His newfound spirituality and self-knowledge do nothing to temper his trademark invective-he's still Freddie from the (cell) block. The flipside's "P.A.I.N.E." is a dark Premier beat, tailor-made for the man with mic skills and hand skills. Read more » 

Review: Gridlok Under the Knife

Label: Sudden Def

Oakland's own Gridlok continues to spread the disease, dropping a pair of hallucinogenic bits designed to set the dancefloor dreamers on fire. "Under the Knife" stands out as the top cut, centered on heavy-duty atmosphere that slowly evolves into the full-blown beast at the core. Partygoers best look out for the drop, because that bass will suck the air right out the room. Big tune! Read more » 

Review: Ramsey & Fen What You Want

Label: Bug

Old school stalwarts Ramsay & Fen deliver two cuts that show they haven't lost the fire. "What You Want" is the pick, in which a vocalist makes like a male Beyonc? over some clever beats; stabbing strings and 2-step's trademark bump & flex mix with some darker breakbeat bass noises for a creative club stormer. "Playboy" on the flip finds the crew working their magic with a pumping 4/4 rinse. Read more » 

Review: Monobox Molecule

Label: Logistic

No longer is it reasonable to suppose that history unfolds as narratives of "great men" and "great events." Nevertheless, for those living it, history is, as Chaucer put it, "the smiler with the dagger beneath the cloak." In the fabled and often inaccurate stories of Detroit during its late 20th-century technological renaissance, Robert Hood's name is everywhere. But it remains a mystery as to why his name is absent from so many accounts of the minimalist strand in contemporary techno and house. Read more » 

Review: Matthias Tanzmann Those Nights

Label: Moon Harbour

Leipzig's minimalist house master Tanzmann breaks it down to the bone with the dubby 'n' skeletal title tune, while the flip's "Side Effects" puts spitting percussion upfront and floating synth chords in the distance. The closing "Ladies First" is all in yr face, hinting perhaps at Tanzmann's late-'80s house influence. Moody and essential. Read more » 

Review: Morgan Craft Valhalla (Adagio)

Label: Circle of Light

Mournful, anthemic lone-wolf stunt guitarú from an Afro-Viking Minnesotan. "First World" electronic improvisation is as resourceful as "Third World," using all parts of the animal (broken strings, cable tips, amp tubes, back springs, machine heads, pickup pole pieces, etc.) to steer electricity to new, spacious sound frontiers. Think long-distance truckin' through an echoing wasteland. A beauty. Read more » 

Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS Electroclash Mix By Larry Tee

Label: Moonshine

Larry Tee is arguably the Patient Zero of the whole damn electroclash virus, and his mix of who's-who in the said genre reveals its Achilles' heel. These bandwagon pioneers' dour, awkward Casio melodies and plodding 808 beats set above vocalists trying to sound detached from the sleaze they champion is music one must pretend to enjoy enough to dance to. That's why irony is so, like, totally hip. Read more » 

Review: Eleectracoustic So Close (Blaze Full Soul Vocal)

Label: Outer

Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan relive the glory days of Body and Soul with this remix of "Electracoustic" that has Francois K and Danny Krivit stamped all over it. Aurora Dawn provides the sultry vocals, Hedge and Milan the tight garage beats and jazzy percussion. Slip this on during a Summerstage set and watch the crowd go. Read more » 

Review: Kpt.michi.gan Player Player

Label: Aesthetics

Kpt.michi.gan's second album feels like you're sneaking into an abandoned house, left half-constructed, all flaking and crumbling drywall, haphazard piles of shredded lumber, sparely lit by a single flashlight beam. Player Player features some intensely minimal, yet strangely scattered microelectronics that put cracked, fragmented shards of rather loud noise on display. Kpt. Read more » 

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