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Review: Garth & ETI 20 Minutes of Disco Glory Remix Pt. 1

Label: Grayhound

I'm not usually a fan of bringing back classic wax, but this is an exception. DJ Harvey's mix is pure niceness, although I think nuff heads who missed the original are now irie. Read more » 

Review: Osunlade Feat. Jaffa Native Tongue Revisited

Label: GotSoul

New York Afro-house kingpin Osunlade and Montreal keyboard monster David Kakon go take-two on the first release for Osunlade's Yoruba label, with solid results. A warm, sloshy-but-tight horn section leads a sax and some boompty percussion through the original, while Nick Holder's remix takes it to minimal-loop paradise. Nifty and knockin'. Read more » 

Review: Ron Carroll Natural

Label: Music 101

One of Chicago's pioneers reaffirms his vocal and production prowess on this smooth yet emotive slab. Shimmering keys, jabbing synths and a plaintive piano melody highlight the gospel-tinged original, while fellow Chi-boys Blakbeatniks remix the whole mess to edgier, more epic heights. Of course, Carroll's brazenly classic vocals make this fundamentally good-good. Read more » 

Review: Zeb & Sasha C. Hypnotizer EP

Label: Jah Love

Bay Area dubwise house label celebrates its second birthday with two uptempo remixes of Organic Groovers Zeb and Sasha's South Asian-flavored downskank. Sen-Sei & David Coleman jam it up with some epic keyboard-laden party atmospherics, while Dub Theory & Lyon St. Dub keep the minor key, then congo-trip it up. Propulsive. Read more » 

Review: Belles in Monica What D'Ya Need

Label: New Dawn

UK hip-hop is just like American hip-hop, but not really. It's still recognizable as hip-hop, but something's...different. Fortunately, Belles In Monica's MC Kruze overcomes his Glaswegian brogue (sounding almost like Chuck D) on this dark banger. Produced by Krash Slaughta and remixed by London's Unsung Heroes. Och, aye. Read more » 

Review: Imperial Element Erection

Label: I Exist

There's more to Atlanta's hip-hop scene than Jermaine Dupree and Outkast, but don't expect this 12" to change the city's musical image. MCs T.I.M.E. and Balance drift on and off of producer Aslan's murky beats and the trio never quite gels as a crew. Roll out. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists The Discerning Dancefloor Vol. 2

Label: Care In The Community

The second in the series from DJ Nick Name, this supplies its title's target well, this time with help from the US via Organic Grooves, DJ Angola, and Bolliger and Gloor. Four classy organic midtempo Afro/Latino cuts, good for any dancefloor. Read more » 

Review: Dug Infinite & No I.D. A Sampler

Label: All Natural

Responsible for some of Common's finest recordings, these two Chi-town cats combine effervescent jazz loops with rugged MPC3000 beats. These at-times dusty, at-times sci-fi-soul gems play like card table dominoes: challenging, syncopated and fun. What Primo and Extra P do for NYC, Dug and I.D. do lovely for the Windy. Read more » 

Review: John Tejada Streetmatik

Label: Fenetik

Tejada didn't hold back any vicious beats for his debut on Scotland's future jazz imprint Fenetik. Instead he delivers bombs for that azz-three to be exact-all precision-guided broken-funk jams with production cleaner than an Audi showroom. Wobbly bass, Tejada's signature Detroit-by-way-of-San Fernando techno melodies, and some of the fattest gated snares this side of Seiji's studio will rattle your brain and remind you of dance music's vital and transmutable powers. Read more » 

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