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Review: Luke Sardello The Newberry Chronicles EP

Label: Soundproof

Why Sardello didn't release this on his own Icon Recordings imprint is a mystery. Still, the fellows at Soundproof must have been over the moon when they heard his four tracks of dark, tripped-out, stripped-down house. The pick of the bunch is "Somebody Said," with its sloping bass, aquatic bleeps and acidic keys. Excellent stuff from the Dallas posse. Read more » 

Review: Ron Trent Deep and Sexy 2

Label: Wave

While it seems like Ron Trent has been around forever spinning glistening deep house for the funky people, he still manages to crank out sweetly smooth DJ sets that are fresh and unique. On the second installment of the Deep and Sexy series from Fran Read more » 

Review: Senior Coconut Fiesta Songs

Label: Emperor Norton

Uwe Schmidt a.k.a. Atom Heart is getting the baile started quickly with his latest Latin adventure. Now a full band enhanced by Schmidt's trusty G4, Se?or Coconut tears through meringues, cha-cha-chas and mambos. But wait, what's that riff on the timbales and vibraphone? Read more » 

Review: Various Yes New York

Label: Wolfgang Morden-Vice

Twisting the Brian Eno-produced 1978 No Wave collection No New York, this first release under Vice Recordings' imprint Wolfgang Morden encapsulates a community-both a musical community and the musicians' very city of origin. In 9/11's wake, the entire nation got behind the sentiment in question-saying "Yes! Read more » 

Review: Smyglyssna We Can Fix It Remixes

Label: Vertical Form

Though there was never anything broken (well, besides the fractured beats) about Smyglyssna's We Can Fix It LP, a host of remixers pull out the pliers and plug-ins on this collection of remixes. Read more » 

Review: Epidemic Massive Rated E

Label: Ill Productos

These mindful LA wordsmiths rap about the plight of the underground MC-lack of funds, crap competition on the radio, etc.-with noble overtones. Their earthy beats and rhymes are delivered skillfully and with satisfying touches, like the acoustic guitar lick sampled on "Dedicated," vibes on "Classic," and the flute anxiously scratched up on "In This Life." The themes remain a bit predictable, and the Massive ones don't quite spark the same originality as some of their underground brethren. Still, "Rated E" is a solid debut head-nodder from a talented crew. File next to J5. Read more » 

Review: M.I.S.T. Jam Hot

Label: Soul:r

This double a-side single finds this Manchester duo's undeniable wealth of talent on full display. While "Jam Hot" treads similar territory to previous works by M.I.S.T. (i.e. housey textures and vocals, rock-solid beats and a giant 808 bassline), it's the flip's "Outerspace" that surpasses any expectations we may have had of Marcus and S.T. Very much inspired by Detroit techno-with its soaring pads and snare rolls, it's no wonder "Outerspace" is an outright anthem. Read more » 

Review: Rhythm and Sound Feat. Lovejoys Best Friend

Label: Rhythm and Sound

This is classic hit from now. Love Joys have never sounded better. Their story of my best friend and "my lover" is very sad-I lost my heart for this piece. Every time I think not even Rhythm and Sound can beat Rhythm and Sound, they just do it. "Best Friend" is music, and music is my best friend. Hope your love is strong enough for this. Crying on the dancefloor. Read more » 

Review: Mikkel Metal Remix EP Pt. 1

Label: Echocord

This new 12" from the young Copenhagen dub-tech imprint Echocord features remixes of Mikkel Metal tracks from the label's first four EPs. Jan Jelinek takes over the full a-side with one of his wise and deep mixes, joining time with soul, history with future. On the b-side, Dubtractor's mix is very catchy and maybe my favorite Mikkel track, and it's accompanied by a remix by Lowfour. Best selection of Northern European dub "culture" music. Read more » 

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