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Review: Flash Atkins Chugnuts

Label: Bosh

An out-and-out dancefloor track on a West Coast tip. Deep, throbbing bassline, tribal drums and some ethnic chants build in intensity before one of those breakdowns we know and love. Mr. Pete Tong has been known to play this, so get it while it's hot. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Wackie's Sampler Vol. 1

Label: Wackies

If you visited a coconut shop, you would encounter sizes and shapes unique as snowflakes. Wackie's brings you coconuts of the Jamaican German Big Apple dub variety. This is roots reggae music recorded in New York City at Lloyd Barnes's studio and reissued by Berlin's Rhythm & Sound posse. An early-'80s vibe defines the sound. Classic dub riddims ride the digital fringe. The sweet meat is thick with lover's rock crooned atop blazing backing tracks. The Lovejoys, Wayne Jarret, Sugar Minott and Junior Delahaye sound as fresh as the day their voices were laid to tape. Read more » 

Review: ZirIguiboom The Now Sound of Brazil

Label: Six Degrees-Ziriguiboom

Ziriguiboom, archiver of all things Brazilian, ups the tropicalia ante with this collection of sexy-cool samba soul and bossa groove. A dedication to original and far-reaching Brazilian music underlies the entire selection. Who else could present in such wonderful form one-time heir to the bossa throne Carlos Lyra, one of the first musicians to use his music to defy the Brazilian dictatorship. The real star is the diversity of styles. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Uprising

Label: Dope Amm

From the looks of things, drum & bass is enjoying something of a resurgence. Crews like New York's Mathematics have injected what looked to be a stagnant genre with healthy doses of house-inflected melody and sexiness. However, the sound remains a hotbed of formulaic production and clichéd composition. Dope Ammo Records' latest compilation is a prime example. It features track after track that removes any shred of innovation from jungle's poppier permutations by grafting them onto simplistic drum loops and irritating filter squelches. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Scrath Attack Volume Two

Label: Hip Hop Slam

Bay Area public radio is an underappreciated treasure that takes the sting out of the failures of the commercial stations. Detractors of scratch DJing (perfected in the Bay) find it to be mere technical masturbation, and the Scratch Attack series provides a strong counterpoint (i.e. a middle finger) with technique, musicality and a healthy sense of humor. Scratch Attack had a brief run on local station KPFA as well as online, and will no doubt be echoed in future radio incarnations from hosts Billy Jam, Bas-1, DJ Pone and DJ Munkifunk. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Solid Steel Present Hexstatic Listen and Learn

Label: Ninja Tune

The second installment of Ninja Tune's Solid Steel mix series, and Hexstatic are at the controls for unashamedly large party action. Going back to their roots, Hexstatic pick a fine selection of hip-hop, electro, funk and drum & bass, all topped off with some comedy samples, an exclusive track, and some Solid Steel interlude treats. All of which causes you to want to get another drink and jump around like a loon. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Pharoah Lounge

Label: Time Zone

Massive Attack's latest is awash with it. Yahoo has a list-serve devoted to a hip-hop faction of it. The Bush administration is employing mass detentions and forced registration to rid our county of it. I'm speaking, of course, of Muslim and/or Middle-Eastern culture. At a time in our history when an entire millennia-old history is under suspicion, Pharaoh Lounge is a refreshing reminder of electronica's encompassing nature. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Soft & Suave: Relax Session

Label: Suave-: un

With so many chill compilations, picking a soundtrack for relaxation is almost more frustration than worth. So, instead of needing a relaxing soundtrack for buying relaxing soundtracks, check out Soft & Suave: Relax Session, which succeeds by not relying heavily on any one downtempo genre. This isn't a broken beat or dub compilation. There's fusion, neo-soul, deep house, downbeat funk, tango and glitch-hop. Well-known producers-Fauna Flash, St. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Future Grooves

Label: Future Groove

In a time where we're harking back to musical trends that envisaged the future of music, it's reassuring that people are still looking forward without having to first look back. With that said, there's nothing revolutionary about this Future Groove compilation; there are no new sounds, no new styles or even any real debuting starlets. Instead, Future Groove is pretty simply a compilation that provides pure and steady blast from the trancier edges of modern-day techno. Read more » 

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