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Review: Matthias Tanzmann Those Nights

Label: Moon Harbour

Leipzig's minimalist house master Tanzmann breaks it down to the bone with the dubby 'n' skeletal title tune, while the flip's "Side Effects" puts spitting percussion upfront and floating synth chords in the distance. The closing "Ladies First" is all in yr face, hinting perhaps at Tanzmann's late-'80s house influence. Moody and essential. Read more » 

Review: Morgan Craft Valhalla (Adagio)

Label: Circle of Light

Mournful, anthemic lone-wolf stunt guitarú from an Afro-Viking Minnesotan. "First World" electronic improvisation is as resourceful as "Third World," using all parts of the animal (broken strings, cable tips, amp tubes, back springs, machine heads, pickup pole pieces, etc.) to steer electricity to new, spacious sound frontiers. Think long-distance truckin' through an echoing wasteland. A beauty. Read more » 

Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS Electroclash Mix By Larry Tee

Label: Moonshine

Larry Tee is arguably the Patient Zero of the whole damn electroclash virus, and his mix of who's-who in the said genre reveals its Achilles' heel. These bandwagon pioneers' dour, awkward Casio melodies and plodding 808 beats set above vocalists trying to sound detached from the sleaze they champion is music one must pretend to enjoy enough to dance to. That's why irony is so, like, totally hip. Read more » 

Review: Eleectracoustic So Close (Blaze Full Soul Vocal)

Label: Outer

Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan relive the glory days of Body and Soul with this remix of "Electracoustic" that has Francois K and Danny Krivit stamped all over it. Aurora Dawn provides the sultry vocals, Hedge and Milan the tight garage beats and jazzy percussion. Slip this on during a Summerstage set and watch the crowd go. Read more » 

Review: Kpt.michi.gan Player Player

Label: Aesthetics

Kpt.michi.gan's second album feels like you're sneaking into an abandoned house, left half-constructed, all flaking and crumbling drywall, haphazard piles of shredded lumber, sparely lit by a single flashlight beam. Player Player features some intensely minimal, yet strangely scattered microelectronics that put cracked, fragmented shards of rather loud noise on display. Kpt. Read more » 

Review: Bonobo Dial 'M' For Monkey

Label: Ninja Tune

Keep it simple, stupid. Bonobo, a.k.a. Simon Green, is one of the few electronic producers to heed that annoying yet sage advice, and the result is a warm, beautifully crafted follow-up to his 2001 debut, Animal Magic. The sonic territory covered here is much the same, with delicate guitars and the occasional sitar nestled next to plucky basslines and crisp drum work. Yet Green's sophomore effort shows a maturing sense of song structure. Read more » 

Review: Karsten Pflum Tracks

Label: Worm Interface

Karsten Pflum, a.k.a. Jacob Madsen, hails from Copenhagen. For the release of his debut full-length, however, he teamed with Worm Interface, a downbeat label from London. The significance of this pairing becomes clear upon hearing Tracks, a collection of na?ve-meets-nostalgic melodies and percussive skitter that brings to mind an assemblage of the most appealing elements of the Warp/Gescom/Rephlex/Planet Mu scene. Karsten Pflum's music isn't any more dancefloor-oriented than Squarepusher's, Read more » 

Review: DJ Hatcha Dubstep Allstars Vol. 1

Label: Tempa

Just the other day I saw DJ Storm of Metalheadz play at Brooklyn's Halycon Caf?, a hip little lounge known for its impeccable soundsystem, and was immediately struck: Storm in a lounge-cafe? A veteran from one of the roughest drum & bass crews gets to rinse dubplates to hipsters on couches? Barely anyone wanted to dance, and it wasn't cause they weren't hip to Storm. What's going on here? Read more » 

Review: Aqua Basssino We Could Be Friends

Label: F Communications

Jason Robertson's releases are always worth waiting for, and this one's no exception. Edinburgh, Scotland native Robertson pleasures us with thick beats that evoke Romatt Productions's Glasgow Underground classic "I Wanna Ride," with its subtle, moving melodies and strong female vocals by Stacy Smith. Flip for the impossibly deep "I Wanna Get Down," a track Harry The Bastard probably has slated for his next Club H offering. Read more » 

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