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Review: Stateless Bringin' Me Down Remixes

Label: Freerange

Andreas Saag tosses a bluesy, keyboard-infused semi-broken 4/4 cut from his Art of No State album to the house winds on two slabs from London's Freerange label. On one, Saag laces the b-side of the original with an '80s-style house rub, while the other disc finds Desha rolling the nu-jazz and Kaidi "Agent K" Tatham doin' that early New York disco thing. Read more » 

Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS Amoeba Music Vol. Iv

Label: Hip Hop Slam

Amoeba's latest melange includes everything from womanist spoken word to indie shogazer pap-all culled from the East Bay, Frisco and LA scenes. The totally hype parts: Balanceman's quirky Soup Or Spy?", which combines '70s spy-film horns with outer-spacey studio effects, Mr. Read more » 

Review: Ultra-Red Amnistia!

Label: Antiopic

Amnistia!, Ultra-Red's recording of an NYC rally for undocumented immigrant workers' amnesty on May Day 2000, is more likely to be enjoyed by noise fetishists than the blue-collar proletariat. However, it's still dazzling for reproducing the same intensity that arises between street protestors and riot police. Amnistia ("por Nueva York)" recalls the ambient-Marxists' Seattle WTO protest mixes, with its microhouse concoction of clicked beats, DSP scrapes and crowd chants. The vibe then darkens with collages of rally speeches that arise from a murk of feedback drones. Read more » 

Review: Various Take Me Aosis: A Nite Out In London

Label: Aosis

After bringing the cr

Review: Bolz Bolz Warrior EP

Label: World Electric

After two years off, Bolz Bolz re-emerges to outline the future of his new style. "Do What You Do" and "Chance" are new-school dancefloor electro tracks paired with Bolz Bolz's sensitive analog sound structures. The flipside offers the 4/4 "Who'd She Coo" and "2nd Chance," a bass-buster certain to shake the electro-breaks fans' booties! Read more » 

Review: Various Speicher CD 1: M. Mayer Mix

Label: Kompakt

Admittedly, the back catalog of Kompakt is a daunting thing indeed. And with their subtly different labels clogging the Kompakt section of your local record shop and blending into a muddy sea of micro-house, isn't it better to have label head Michael Mayer expertly mix your journey for you? This solid mix incorporates a few of his own tracks (including the near-perfect chugging dubbed-up chimes of "Unter Null"), plus those of other top-shelf producers like Superpitcher, Reinhard Voigt and everyone's favorite, T.Raumschmiere. Speicher? Special. Read more » 

Review: Erkki Kurenniemi Aanityksia Recordings 1963-1973

Label: Love Records

Aanityksia offers wildly untamed electronic experiments from the '60s and '70s by this extraordinary Finnish inventor/composer. During his career, Kurenniemi invented a series of incredible electronic synthesizers that used camera images, brain impulses and sexual touching to trigger unique sounds. The tracks range from the horrible robotic torture chamber of On-Off" to shimmering electronic overtones, Hendrix-esque feedback, tape-collage and subtle Nintendo beats. The music evokes Stockhausen and more experimental Kraftwerk, adding an occasional taste of Switched On Bach. Read more » 

Review: Fanny Pack So Stylistic

Label: Tommy Boy

A stroll through Brooklyn these days belies its reputation as a hotbed for furious creativity as Fabolous's 50-cent commercial rap is about all anyone hears. But even in the bleakest of moments, the blast hits from unexpected angles, threatening to shake up the tedium and conjure up a new Brooklyn. Fanny Pack charmingly replaces gun talk with fun talk, bling with boom. Three girls rap in clear, unassuming Brooklyn-speak about life on the block as big- booty electro bounce straight from the old-skool South backs them up. Read more » 

Review: Adam Beyer E6 Remix

Label: white

A bootleg consisting of Adam Beyer remixing the Manuel Goetsching's classic "E6," often referred to as "Sue?o Latino." This track's been bootlegged many times, but this one's the best. The flip side is a somewhat housey mix of Ben Sims's "Remanipulator," with the Cuban vocal riff. Very Ibiza, but still very good, and could potentially be massive. Read more » 

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