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His Name Is Alive Xmmer

  • Words: Scott Thill
  • Label: Reincarnate Music
  • XLR8R Rating: 8/10

The ethereal pop of Warren Defever and his rotating cast of characters doesn't miss a beat. From the Neil Young-esque chill-rock of "Put It in Your Mind" to the military murder of "Young Blood" delivered with Andrea Francesca Morici’s stark breathlessness, Xmmer is a rewarding trip. And I mean trip: Defever's lo-fi freak-outs on "Sangaree" and "The Wolf Put His Mouth on Me" mind-meld with the disc's mellower acoustic moments like "Go to Hell Mountain"–a sequel to Detrola's "I Thought I Saw You Moving"–with stunning ease. The result is an assured collection of electronic craftsmanship as compelling as anything His Name Is Alive has done before.

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