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IMPS Remixed

  • Words: Walter Wasacz
  • Label: Mule Electronic
  • XLR8R Rating: 9/10

The best electro-acoustic full-length you probably never heard in 2008 was by IMPS, a quirky space-jazz collab between Sweden’s Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson (a.k.a. production duo Minilogue) and Australian musicians Ian Chaplin and Phillip Rex. Whatever you do, don’t miss the sequel, featuring seven remixed gems by Thomas Fehlmann, Jan Jelinek, Isolée, Move D (who contributes a delicious Detroit house-inspired take on “Almost Live But Definitely Plugged”), Koss, Strategy, and Minilogue themselves, with a 13-minute smarty-arty, three-act dub techno reinterpretation of “Uncle Limps.” Finally, someone has made grown-up club music that transcends the borders of the club, crosses both generations and genres, and leaves you happily dazed wherever you are.

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