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Junk Science Gran'Dad's Nerve Tonic

  • Words: Max Herman
  • Label: Embedded-Definitive Jux
  • XLR8R Rating: 7/10

Junk Science proudly reps the more easygoing side of Brooklyn hip-hop, in which lo-fi beats and everyday raps are customary. Following up their well-received debut, Feeding Einstein, MC Baje One and beatmaker Snafu return for more calm and clever joints that may not get you hype, but are sure to spark thought and a few head nods. While Snafu provides the laid-back, sample-centric grooves, Baje works his storytelling magic on songs like "Jerry McGuire"-a vivid vision about quitting a dead-end job. It's not too often that hip-hop so real can provide such an escape.

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