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Kaskade It's You't's Me

The rolling doo-da-doos on "What I Say" should be enough to sell you on this Chicago-born producer's debut. Vocalist Rob Wannamaker's high-pitched soul takes Kaskade in different directions from the deeper, soothing songs with female vocals. "What I Say" is the album's catchiest, but a thick synth on "Get Busy" and '80s-ish drumming on "Call Me Wise" heighten the pleasure-pain in Wannamaker's voice. Broken beats spice up "This Rhythm," "Tonight" and "My Time," while dubby interludes "Mak Mop" and "Charlie's Plight" echo with chill. Throughout, Kaskade surpasses deep house as a genre with luscious, velvety resonance and stylish melodies.

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