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Review: Various Artists Him Remix Series #1: Japan

Label: FatCat

The triumphant journey through Nobukazu Takemura's mind is the bounty of the booty. It's a story in three chapters, the third of which could simmer along nicely in the background of my life forever. Make a cup of tea during the plain old housey track two, and sit back and drink it while enjoying the edgy jazz glory of Ultra Living's contribution. Read more » 

Review: Further Good Times...?

Label: Lofi Stereo

Producers Neville Attree and C-Rock roll out a slice of murky, alienated electropop for the afterhours set. The Adventure Club mix chugs along all minimally with hissing snares, while the Jagged Splinter mix anchors things with a nice, buzzy synth bass. Smooth. Read more » 

Review: Jukeboxer Man Throughout the Ages EP

Label: Memphis Industries

Brooklyner Noah Wall works a naïve, knowing sort of kitchen-sink electro-pop. Not far from the homespun Beach Boy-isms of His Name is Alive circa Stars on ESP, with a dash of Americana thrown in for good measure, Wall and vocalist Amy Jones throw in just enough experimentation to keep them on the right side of fey. Which is to say it's quite dashing. Read more » 

Review: Cursor Minor Remote Control EP

Label: Lo

A reasonable foray into robot rock starts this four-tracker from the young Mr. Miner. Today's standard processed voice describes things that then happen to the music itself, making it strangely satisfying to listen and dance to. The subsequent tracks are each slightly less charming than the one before. Read more » 

Review: Bugsy and Snake feat. Freeway Scratchin' & Survivin'

Label: Take Down

Although Jay-Z's bearded buddy Freeway should be the main selling point of this single, he gets outshined by the folks who got him in the studio. Freeway seems to have trouble finding the groove on Sean S.'s loopy beat, but Bugsy and Snake are right in the pocket with a vengeance, kickin' that hard Philly hip-hop. Freeway may be the reason people pick up this single, but Bugsy and Snake are the reason they'll like it. Read more » 

Review: Wildchild Feat. Percee P and Medaphor Knicknack 2002

Label: Stones Throw

Rhyme inspector Percee P kicks predictably great rhymes, overshadowing Lootpacker Wildchild and his homie Medaphoar and making up for a less-than-stellar Madlib track (who'da figured that?). Wildchild goes for delf on the flip, rhyming about his parental responsibilities with panache, but Percee's the main attraction here. Read more » 

Review: King Honey Feat. Chief Kamachi, Hezekiah & Gos Trinity

Label: Sound-Ink Records

Eerie harmonium and an ominous rhythm form the foundation for this slab from King Honey and a trio of Philly MCs, on which beats share center stage with the MCs, fully committed to the forwardly abstract. The b-side delivers compu-glitch remixes by Heat Sensor, DJ/rupture and King Honey himself. Solid. Read more » 

Review: 702 Feat. Pharrell Williams I Still Love You

Label: Motown

This joint is for all the cats who felt early SWV. 702's newest jam features Pharrell from the Neptunes singing the hook. And despite its simplicity, the drums on this Neptunes-produced track give this groove a serious feel, although Pharrell makes it sound playful on the chorus. Read more » 

Review: 3rd Edge Know You Wanna

Label: Parlophone

I can't wait for the day when DnD get to attack more American r&b remixes. The crew's Big Vocal mix of this fairly substandard Craig David knock-off vocal track still bumps, but its bubbling techno sounds and rich bass would sound really ace under some vintage R. Kelly or even Brandy. Check the dirty dub for less class, more sass. Read more » 

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