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Review: Cinematic Orchestra Man with a Movie Camera

Label: Ninja Tune

Evoking Portishead's ability to create groove and atmosphere simultaneously, Cinematic Orchestra brings depth and nuance to this interpretive set based on a silent 1930s-era Soviet propaganda film. If all that sounds terribly heavy, imagine a grainy black-and-white film depicting scenes of the idealized socialist life-spare, quiet, funny and a little sad-and you get a sense of Cinematic's jazzy constructions of samples, funky keys, grave strings, squealing saxophones and warm bass riffs. Read more » 

Review: Bobby Karate Hot Trips, Cold Returns

Label: Woodson Lateral

Along with Electric Birds and L'usine, Bobby Karate (Steven Ford) is inflating Seattle's electronic-music scene into something worth your respect. A former punk-rock drummer, Bobby Karate-like Brad Laner/Electric Company and Ken Gibson/Eight Frozen Modules-has made a dazzling transition to minimalist laptop composition. Karate's debut disc melds math-rock's unpredictable time signatures to microsound's pointillist DSP and morphed field recordings. Read more » 

Review: Masta Killa Digi Warfare

Label: Nature Sounds

Your boy Elgin Turner, the ninth member of that Wu bunch (who are 'bout to cut a contract with Tariq Aziz' hear), gets loose old-school style on an uptempo Eric B.-ish rhythm laced with scratch noise and electric cowbell. On the flip's "No Said Date," the tempo remains up, and the Killa flows with that inimitable subtlety alongside those sweet Wu strings, lettin' ya know that if "truth be the life preserver, ya can't drown." No, the Wu hasn't gone anywhere, and yet they're still back. Read more » 

Review: 8 Doogymoto Minimalistico

Label: Soundslike

The trio called 8 Doogymoto is unlike just about any other act in electronic music, so it's not too surprising to find them on Matthew Herbert's Soundslike label. Singer Fumi's breathy vocals, sung in hybrid English and Japanese, adorn bandmates Viktor and Heinrich's chugging house structures, which bend and bow under the weight of guitars, Casios and unorthodox sound sources. 8 Doogymoto might best be compared to tropic?lia legend Tom Z?, whose carnivalesque avant-pomp and semi-pop set the stage for this trio's exuberant amalgamations. Read more » 

Review: Rithma Music Fiction

Label: Om

Young Etienne Stehelin's debut album for San Francisco's Om blows a breath of fresh air through a somewhat stagnant electronic music scene. Pulling on a wide variety of influences-from rock to jazz to funk and soul-the 23-year old LA native's sound is the perfect antidote to these rough global times. Read more » 

Review: Jaylib The Official

Label: Stones Throw

You don't necessarily hear music made by Jay Dee and Mad Lib-you feel it. They're too busy living the moment with wobbly jazz loops, drunken snares, dirty handclaps and lyrics that tell it like it is. "The Official" is so stoned it can't walk a straight line, but it's still in charge of the battle like Tommy Franks. Read more » 

Review: Wildchild Secondary Protocol

Label: Stones Throw

World renown for his devastating lyrical skills, Wildchild has been blazing mics for over a decade, alongside his Lootpack cohorts and on various singles and collaborations. For his much-anticipated solo debut, he further proves himself as an "emcee's emcee," unleashing a torrent of complex yet funky wordplay throughout. Read more » 

Review: Lil Kim & Mr. Cheeks The Jump Off

Label: Atlantic

Yo, she's back! Risky lyrics? Of course, and they flow together with that always-hot Timbaland production like electricity and Benjamins (Franklin that is). Lace it with some Mr. Cheeks flav, and "Jump Off" your seat is the end result. Read more » 

Review: Bryan Gee The Sound of Movement

Label: Movement

You can't divorce drum & bass from the dancefloor, and The Sound of Movement shows why you would never, ever want to. The mix-by V Recordings honcho Bryan Gee-is 100% pure fire, kicking off with a jumpy remix of the Roni Size classic "Trust Me," and swerving back and forth between soaring vocal melodic numbers and rough, bassline-driven tracks. As the title suggests, it's an excellent representation of the kind of tracks and rapid-fire mixing that packs 'em in at the long-running Movement Thursday night at London's Bar Rumba. Read more » 

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