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Marek Bois Boissche Untiefen

  • Words: Dave Segal
  • Label: Rrygular
  • XLR8R Rating: 7/10

German producer Niklas Worgt (who also records outstanding experimental electronic music as Dapayk) has just added 10 more specimens to the vast warehouse of high-quality techno that–without getting all Panglossian about it–inundates the real and virtual bins every week. Boissche Untiefen finds our Bois getting functional for the dancefloor. His music contains a seriousness of intent, but it’s leavened with slapstick accents. “Now!,” for instance, uses what sounds like the strident screech of a stylus being yanked off a record for percussive effect. The textures on “Dapss” could be crashing waves, a hailstorm, or frying bacon. But Bois’ default mode is minimal, driving, and slightly unnerving–foreshadowing, if we’re lucky, what thriller soundtracks of the near future will be.

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