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Review: Various Artists Tiga: DJ Kicks

Label: !K7

Equally adored and maligned for his remake of Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night," fellow Canadian Tiga is very much of this moment, what with his unrepentant affection for all things '80s. His devotion to artificial fabrics and doughy skin has even made him the kind of International Pop star Fischerspooner so dream of being. Read more » 

Review: Dino Felipe Xanaconversex

Label: Schematic

Early on, Miami's Schematic seemed to take its aesthetic and musical cues from Warp, from its Designer's Republic album covers to Richard Devine's dense, Autechre-esque beats. However, the most recent addition to the Schematic stable, Dino Felipe, draws inspiration from rather different sources, looking more to Cologne than Sheffield for musical inspiration. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists DJ Hell: Electronicbody Housemusic

Label: React

Deutschland's debutante DJ and transatlantic electroclash icon DJ Hell did much to set the foundation for 2002's most fashionable movement. Now Electronicbody-Housemusic shows that Hell can mix and match tracks as well as he does clothes. Disc one features indomitable talents such as mantra-providing Underground Resistance, Metro Area, Derrick Carter, Recloose, Jeff Mills, Playgroup and more, while disc two is razing, dazing nigh-industrial (Nitzer Ebb, Bigod 20, Front 242 with Green Velvet, El Loco, David Caretta plus many). Read more » 

Review: Various Artists The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2002: Belly Skin

Label: Greensleeves

Despite its cumbersome title, Greensleeves' annual dancehall collection delivers what it promises, with 40-count 'em-proven club favorites on two CDs. The majority of the selections are deejay-oriented, with the likes of Shabba Ranks, Lexxus, Capleton, Red Rat, Sizzla and Bounty Killer running the riddims raw. You won't find any straight-up lovers-rock tracks here-too fassy for this one, seen? Read more » 

Review: Various Artists The Detroit Experiment

Label: Ropeadope

Derrick May once prefaced a comment about techno by saying, "Detroit is a complete mistake," as if the city wasn't expected to kick out great music. Thankfully, the context for that quote was over a decade ago. The city has since figured techno out to some degree, and this new project on Ropeadope continues the healing process. The Detroit Experiment brings one of the oldest Detroit musical traditions-jazz-together with two of the newest, techno and hip-hop. Musicians ranging from Headhunter Bennie Maupin to Jeremy (Ayro) Ellis were recorded during sessions at the White Room. Read more » 

Review: Universal Funk Streets of Havana

Label: April

Denmark's premier nu-jazz/Latin band delivers some tight Cuban house (think Matt Bianco in Colombia) whilst Swell Sessions's version drops it deeper courtesy of girlfriend Elsa's vocals. Meanwhile, new track "Four To Five" changes from cosmic jazz midway into deep rolling hip-hop...nice... Read more » 

Review: Geche Moonface

Label: Statravel

Britisher James Drabble hands over another in Statra's impressive Statravel series of 12-inches. The somatic dub title track fully utilizes singer Sarah Ellis's chanty vocals, while rhythmic bits like "Melt" and "Lana" use found sound and chaotic editing to spice up the varied tempos. Ready for more from this guy. Read more » 

Review: Eric Fox/Brainstorm Sheen Sad Bear

Label: Dunket Records

Brooklyn's Dunket imprint brings some appetizing atmospheric junk. Eric Fox's "Meridian" offers Throbbing Gristle-like organ drone and a bonus eternal lock-loop at the end. As Brainstorm Sheen, Greg Hoy oozes out subdued snap-crackle space that evokes Pan American. Compelling air. Read more » 

Review: Manchilde of the Butta Babees In Da Game

Label: Bandit

Butta Babes have simply been runnin' hip-hop in Montreal, and Manchilde's three-track step into the spotlight reveals much about the humanist-hop trio's dynamic. Man's inventive lyrical flow loosely attaches itself to each melody line, and his centerpiece "In Da Game" criticizes mainstream hip-hop while avoiding a bitter/hater tone, which is rare in the underground. Keep a razor-sharp eye on these guys-they've got their shit on lock. Read more » 

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