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Meissner/Slavin/Sachs Into The Void

Inspired by the Kazimierz neighborhood of Krakow, Poland, most of whose Jewish inhabitants died in the Holocaust, Into The Void captures the sonic response from three Jewish ambient-music producers: Sebastian Meissner (Klimek, Random Inc., Bizz Circuits), Ran Slavin, and Eran Sachs. Meissner's 11 tense, desolate tracks evoke the hollowed-out feeling of intense sorrow and pity, while also excavating obscure shreds of that culture in John Oswald-esque homage. Over six compositions, the artists show their clicks-and-cuts pedigree with delicately daubed microtonal haikus of riveting content-a heartfelt, abstract tribute to a place irrevocably transformed by hate.

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