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Midnight Juggernauts Dystopia

  • Words: Joe Colly
  • Label: Astralwerks
  • XLR8R Rating: 6/10

Having gained wide exposure after opening for Justice last year, Australian trio Midnight Juggernauts releases Dystopia, a spotty debut. The record is hard to pin down because of its attempt to incorporate so many genre elements–Pink Floyd psych, Air-like atmospherics, synth-pop, and more–and ultimately flounders because of its lack of cohesion. Some tracks, like the widely blogged-about “Road to Recovery” set rock harmonies atop Justice-y beats; others ape Eno over dancing synths (the disc’s standout “Twenty Thousand Leagues”). Still others try for vocal-less atmospherics (“Intro,” “Scorpius”) that fail. Dystopia isn’t a bad record–it may very well find an audience of, say, Klaxons fans–but it leaves listeners unsure as to what this band is exactly about.

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