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Review: Bakura Reach the Sky

Label: Especial

Three years on, broken beat is an established genre with club nights around the world relying on a supply of singles, like this sublime new Domu collaboration with Robert Marin. Bakura's tracks create tension by stripping down the mix: only the necessary computerized bass, vintage synths and twitchy beats fill in these galactic samba bogles. Well forward. Read more » 

Review: Benga & Skream The Judgement

Label: Big Apple Records

This Croydon teenage duo justifies the underground hype about their warped basslines, as they unleash a growling, stuttering monster that laces an Omen-style choir over some conga-pounding tech-garage tribalism. Guilty as charged! Read more » 

Review: Contax Hitlist

Label: Nerve Breaks

Hip-hop accents galore-electro cowbells and keyboard chords, hardcore vocal lines, etc.-enhance the big bassline and varied rhythms of this one, which gets a sleeker, darker remix by Paul Reset. A big, bad jam from this Glasgow label. Read more » 

Review: Benny B Presents The Biz Satisfaction

Label: Energy Production

F*ck me, probably the strongest house/acid thing I've heard in years, with more filters than you can shake a stick at. The Mac vocal might put this in that pseudo Francophile/electro/jazz stream, but even the hardest hip-hop heads will be climbing the walls by the end. Read more » 

Review: Tok Tok Vs Soffyo Day of Mine (Starecase Rmx)

Label: Eastwest

These boys program drums like surgeons perform operations-so precise and clinical. Add plenty of funk, nice vocals and the trademark Starecase atmospherics, and you've a great breaks track for the summer. The best Starecase work so far. Class. Read more » 

Review: Tinfed Dangergirl Remixes

Label: Volta Vinyl

Indie rock and punk meets drum & bass on the second release from upstarts Volta Vinyl. Pieter K turns in an esoteric, carefully constructed, Photek-esque workout, while Sacramento's Fruitbat presents a futuristic, low-key techno ride. Echo turns out the real dancefloor flavor here, whipping through an airy, trancey number underpinned by a serious bassline. Quality flavors! Read more » 

Review: Blim & Rennie Pilgrim Feat. MC Chickaboo 2 Freaks

Label: TCR

Big electro synths + even bigger drums + the excellent MC Chikaboo = breakbeat anthem. Very funky and incredibly catchy. Would work just as well on the radio as it would on the dancefloor. This could be massive. Read more » 

Review: Killer Mike Scared Straight

Label: Aquameni-Columbia

His lyrics tell a story that you can really feel and understand. Combine that with a hilarious hook and smooth it out over some Southern/West Coast-style beats, and you have the recipe for a bangin' joint. Read more » 

Review: Lateef and the Chief Present Maroons Lester Hayes

Label: Quannum

It's musical chairs in the Quannum camp, and this new formation includes Lateef the Truth Speaker (Latyrx) on the mic and Chief X-Cel (Blackalicious) on beats. X's production just keeps improving, and this 12" testifies to his true funkiness. And Lateef comes with the best hip-hop chorus out now. Read more » 

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